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Advanced SEO Case

In these case studies, you'll see how NMG executed Advanced SEO
processes, strategies for clients ranging from B2B to B2C to D2C. The SEO
campaigns featured here cover international SEO , National SEO , Local SEO
and Ecommerce SEO. The SEO campaigns resulted in traffic growth , ranking
growth and most importantly leads and revenue increase for our clients.

  • Atlys

    9 Months On-Site SEO/Content and Link Building Case Study

    • Our combination of Advance SEO and content strategies uplifted this new domain's Traffic by adding 30,000 organic visitors per month for 3 markets for the Indian Location.
    • Organic Traffic increased by 881% when compared to past periods.
    • 1M+ Impression gained by working on quick wins opportunities and adding high-quality backlinks in the portfolio.
    • The website is ranking for 400+ Keywords on page #1 for only these targeted pages.
  • Fusion Firearms

    NMG's 10-Month SEO Campaign Boosts Fusion Firearms Organic Traffic by 135% and Ecommerce Revenue by 88.15%

    • Fusion Firearms organic traffic increased by 135%, adding 18,000+ visitors/month.
    • The ecommerce revenue grew 88.15% organically, resulting in a 2X revenue growth within 6 months.
    • The brand gained 1.5M impressions and 100K+ clicks.
    • TNMG helped rank 800+ top 3 keywords and 1,500+ top 20 keywords.
  • Sfrozo Dillingam

    24 Months On-Site SEO, Content Marketing and Link Building Case Study

    • Our combination of advanced SEO and Content Marketing Strategies increased the website traffic by 400%.
    • The website gained 1,50,000+ impressions.
    • Sforzo Dillingham had seen a 98% increase in phone calls.
    • The website is ranking for 150+ Keywords in the Top 10 SERPs.
  • Sunshine Movers

    12 Months On-Site SEO Content and Link Building Case Study 

    • Our combination of Advance SEO and Content Marketing strategies uplifted the website’s organic traffic by 464%.
    • Our team created 200+ pages of content to improve keyword rankings and the brand’s authority in the space.  
    • The website has gained 4,00,000 impressions which improved website visibility on Google SERP.
    • The website is ranking for  200+ Keywords in the Top 10 SERPs.
  • Atmos

    12 Months Advanced SEO and Content Marketing Case Study  

    • The mix of evergreen and timely content resulted in a 115% organic search traffic increase over 12 months. 
    • Sales revenue increased by 75%.
    • 900+ New Keywords started ranking in the Top 10 Positions. 
    • 13000+ New Keywords started ranking in the Top 20 Positions.
  • Nikon

    12 Months On-Site SEO/Content and Link Building Case Studies.

    • NMG helped Nikon Lenswear gain over 600K impressions, increasing its brand visibility significantly.
    • The organic clicks for Nikon Lenswear increased by over 6K, proving the effectiveness of NMG's strategies.
    • NMG improved Nikon Lenswear's search engine visibility, with over 150 keywords ranking in the top 3 and over 550 in the top 10.
    • The increased impressions, organic clicks, and improved keyword rankings helped to boost Nikon Lenswear's online presence and brand visibility.
  • Reputation Rhino

    24 Months On-Site SEO/Content and Link Building Case Studies.

    • 2800% increase in organic search traffic in 24 Months.
    • 4,00,00+ Impressions gained.
    • 4000+ increase in organic clicks.
    • 300+ keywords are ranking in the TOP 10 SERPs.
    • 250+ Keywords are ranking in the Top 20 SERPs.
    • Our link-building content campaigns garnered media mentions from top publications, including Moz, Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, Business to Community, Small Business Trends, Tech Times, and more.
    • The website is ranking for 10,000+ Keywords on Google SERP.