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The Modern Application Development Approach

NMG implements a systematic approach where we find effective ways to work as a collaborative team, helping us transform business processes into an actionable powerhouse


Part Artist


Our artist side understands the difference between a good software and a bad one – which is usually the quality of its user experience (UX). A good UX is what separates successful businesses from unsuccessful ones, and to achieve this, we consider UX to be an essential component of product strategy.

Design Workflow

Designing interactive elements that are familiar and predictable is a fundamental principle of our UX design approach. When things work in the way users predict, they feel a stronger sense of control. Understanding how your customers interact with a page is essential for optimization and as designers and developers, we keep these goals in consideration to build the entire user flow.

Responsive By Design

By showing organized information to improve user retain-ability, reducing clutter to improve comprehension and adding more visual weight to the most important element on the screen, we create design experiences which are fully responsive, displays beautifully and works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Rapid Prototyping

From static layouts to interactive prototypes, we design it all. Suggest changes/feedbacks to your design with a click of a button and interact with the designer directly — no previous conversation syncing required. Preview your prototypes, complete with transitions on devices, then share your fast feedback with the team.

Collaboratively Connected

We believe in setting up a dedicated team who can communicate daily or, as frequently as you wish. Direct team interactions with the team via Zoom, Email, Skype, VOIP, Hangout makes the collaboration smooth. While our project management tools helps us achieve agile practices across the team and deliver value to you faster than ever


Part Scientist


Our scientist side makes us agile in our development methodology with scrum enhancement, providing an iterative development style that includes you in all phases of the project development.

Building Meaningful Solutions

Our highest priority is to provide early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Deliver working software modules frequently, with shorter timescale by dividing up the work to be done into functional increments called "user stories.“ Each successive version of the product is usable, and each builds upon the previous version by adding user-visible functionality. As an addition, we also deliver a working prototype in between development as a measure of progress. We gracefully welcome changing requirements, even late in development to harness your competitive advantage, because we understand businesses.

Teamwork With Less Work

The iterative planning and feedback loop encourages teams to continuously align the delivered software with desired business needs. To achieve higher productivity, we use best architectures for our self-organizing teams with flexible engagement models:

Dedicated Team

Book an experienced dedicated team for long term projects

Time and material

The pay as you go method allowing you to get deliverables fast.

Fixed Price

The fixed price method works well if you are on a set budget and have precise specifications of the project to complete.

Immediate Feedback Implementation

We organize tasks, communication, files all organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows what to do. You get a dashboard access for team-wide communication, discussion channels to work together, and calendar of complete project planning. You’ll feel in control when you can see everything organized on a single screen. Additionally, our system provides you To-dos for tracking work, a Message Board for posting announcements and updates, a Chat Room for quick casual chats with the team, a Schedule for posting deadlines and milestones, Docs & Files for organizing all the assets and notes, and Automatic Check-ins to get insights from the team on a regular basis.

Real Time Updates

We aim to make updates and deliveries. fun and exciting for you. Share things team-wide using our set of tools that lets you put everything in one place: messages, tasks, files, schedules and more. Get back to past decisions and easily check on multiple versions at the same time. Chat directly with the team and get real time project status updates. We replace routine status meetings with Automatic Check-ins.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We provide end to end software development services that span from consulting, requirements gathering, wire-framing, UI design, development and maintenance. NMG provides streamlined and flexible processes and methodologies that can be customized based on your business requirements and industry specifications. Our teams are managed by project managers and account managers. We use a huge range of testing tools to ensure that your final product goes to launch free from errors. All applications are produced according to strict security guidelines and best practices.