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IoT for Businesses

IoT technology is already changing how businesses work and compete. New business models are emerging, bringing changes in work processes, productivity improvements, cost containment and enhanced customer experiences. NMG can help design modules that can be built into your products. This intelligence of data is created before the product design is finalized, so that IT is part of the product, rather than added to it.


IoT for Retail

IoT can change the way businesses manage their product inventory. All remote scanners can be connected to your ecommerce store where you can automatically upload the product under right category and manage their availability without having the need of an additional POS system in between - saving you a ton of money.

If you’re a business that relies on warehousing, manufacturing, or storage, you could be looking into smart devices which can be connected with your online stores via IoT.


IoT for SAAS Apps

IoT can build an environment where right customers are matched with right vendor at the right time without being the need to search or read reviews. For businesses, this provides an opportunity to more fully understand customer patterns and tailor the user experience to match expectations.

Your customers will, with a handful of spoken phrases, be able to find and order exactly the product they’re looking for in your saas app. Be it a hotel, a service or a product, your user can directly link up to the right item they wish to purchase.


IoT with Blockchain for Payments

The most obvious use of blockchain technology is to transfer money between two sources using encrypted data. The technology offers efficiency and security to a level, that it has already started replacing our good old wallet systems.

Blockchain provides a cheaper, more transparent, and more effective way to manage transaction processes and resolve conflicts. It is perhaps the most well-known blockchain application to send and receive payments.

By using blockchain technology, you’re able to transfer funds directly and securely to anyone you want in the world almost instantly and at ultra-low fees.

This practice is especially useful if you are looking to build a global marketplace portal.