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Advanced SEO 

  • Compound Banc Web & Mobile App


    The web & mobile app is used by users to purchase a fixed price bond from the application. Users will connect their bank account using dwolla API with the application.

  • Wolomi


    The Wolomi app is an educational and supportive resource for women who are pregnant or new mothers. It's a community of women creating an empowering journey for modern-day mothers to be navigated the healthcare system for better outcomes.

  • Musicbed


    Musicbed is all about making quality music easily accessible for licensing, empowering creatives to tell better stories, and supporting musical artists. The goal of Musicbed is to provide filmmakers with some of the best music to license for their films while enabling artists to do what they love.

  • Getty Unshuttered


    Getty Unshuttered is a positive community for teen photographers like to share their unique view of the world, grow their skills, and build their portfolio. It’s free to use, ad-free, and full of photo challenges and tips to help them grow as an artist. It’s a community for teens to share their passion for photography - a place to inspire each other and grow as artists.

  • Syn App


    From an easy-to-use platform to healthcare-focused features and security, SynApp works to keep medical workers safe from severe HIPAA penalties. To help protect users from HIPAA violations, measures i.e. End-to-end encryption and 2-layered access when handling PHI, have been implemented. Medical workers can communicate within and outside their facilities through chat, audio, and video calls.

  • Loop


    Loop App is a perfect solution that provides a fast and simple way for helping the consumers make more informed decisions , saving time and gas by viewing live environment of the place they are going to visit.

  • Telemark


    B2B Application for Telemark Diversified Group.Distributors can place orders and submit a RFQ on any custom roll product. The App is being used by their distributors across USA and Canada

  • Fixed Fitness


    They can send and receive peer-to-peer and group messages in both forms i.e. Normal and Secured.

Client Speak

We are part of our clients journey. Your success is our success.

“ Their level of understanding of our business model really stood out to us. I often said that they understand our operation better than our own employees do. They communicate well in writing and on phone calls. They were very responsive and able to make adjustments and troubleshoot very quickly.”
“ We chose to work with NMG after interviewing/vetting ten web development companies from around the world. NMG won our business because of their deep understanding of .PHP and web design. The team is highly qualified and talented. The attention to detail is excellent. Choosing to work with NMG has been one of the best business decisions our company has made in 10+ years.”
“ NMG provided a level of assurance and comfort in their abilities that others could not match.By consistently delivering high-quality work, NMG Technologies contributed to an effective and greatly improved website. I praise their cutting-edge design strategies, thorough research, and willingness to implement feedback.”
“ NMG Technologies did an excellent job throughout the whole project.They impressed by developing a thorough strategy and communicating effectively with the previous developer. They were stepped into an unfinished, poorly executed project and delivered an outstanding product for launch. Their professionalism, organization, and timely delivery set them apart.”
“ The NMG team is not only very hard working but goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible outcomes.NMG Technologies was professional and dedicated to delivering high quality results. They offered responsive and engaged customer service, routinely going above and beyond to rectify any issues. The team suggested new ideas, gave honest feedback, and became an invaluable part of the creative process.”
“ What set NMG apart from other companies was their experience in managing complex programs. NMG Technologies provided a detailed specification document and appropriate software solutions from the outset, delivering results very close to the original proposal. The team was available to discuss issues, replied promptly to emails, and provided constant updates.”
“ NMG's quality of work and methodology were top-notch. They put together a very well-structured team.NMG delivered an effective, client-focused website that met all of the original requirements. They also stood out because of their excellent customer service, responsive daily communication, and reasonable prices.”
“ I found them responsible, timely, and diligent. NMG Technologies effectively managed the development of multiple sites simultaneously, remaining agile and responsive to day-to-day requirements. They provided open communication and quickly implemented feedback.”
“ They were very flexible and responsive throughout the whole thing. Within four weeks of going live, the campaign generated qualified interest from over 400 companies. NMG Technologies accomplished the entire project within three months and under budget. The team provided strategic insights into the B2B segment and daily updates on nominations.”
“ NMG is very entrepreneurial, and I think that helps a lot when working with a small company. NMG Technologies provided an exceptionally high-quality product through an organized, technically skilled approach. The agency showed their commitment to the project's success by working long hours, involving senior management in the details, and communicating frequently about deliveries. ”

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