Bridge the gap between functioning of your business model and your customers, with cost friendly technology

The ONLY Lasting way to build successful software applications is to have an experienced team working dedicatedly on your project that understands your vision, your business concept, competition and fit in your budget


About 80% of software apps that are launched, do not survive more than a year. This is because you choose a technology team that do not understand your business and in the end, it does not work out for your end customers.

NMG’s Part Artist – Part Scientist Development Approach bridges the gap between your business model and your customers, and builds goal oriented, personalized solutions. NMG’s promise is that we create streamlined tech solutions with agile operations that can scale and respond to your complex business needs and your customers

understanding your business

understanding your business


Even before we start working with you, we understand, analyze and define your goals, and then, build a personalized solution for you. We work with you to document your requirements and try to experience your business as a customer rather than a feature list—provide the objectivity you may lack.

Understanding your sales cycle and customer journey is our first step towards building that right technology for your business. We begin by researching about your industry, your customer persona and your current analytics. Understanding different visitor types and intentions helps us design user experiences that are smooth and seamless, that ensure users navigate easily, site load correctly on all web and mobile browsers and pages load fast enough and forms are easy to use

modern technology solutions

modern technology solutions


NMG offers consultancy and modern technology development capabilities for complex and tedious business processes, so you get more time to spend on what's important. Our main goals is to provide high- quality development with faster response, at cost effective rates. We are able to achieve this by project tracking & management by experienced project managers to oversee product quality, timely delivery and NO scope creeps

We build complex enterprise software solutions studying your market to suggest you the right technology, integrations, hosting servers and API’s. Our solutions are strong and scalable with best coding practices built using agile approach, helping you phase out modules to fit in budgets

NMG believe in empowering clients with real-time communication, supporting a consistent, all bound client journey with an all-in-one strategy to build streamlined tech solutions with agile operations that can scale and respond to complex business needs

marketing ready saas applications

marketing ready saas applications


Happy customers are at the core of happy businesses. Providing value to customers through intelligent, marketing ready SAAS applications is a strategic growth engine for you that maximizes customer lifetime value.

NMG’s Part Artist – Part Scientist Development Approach aligns your business process with customers needs. Our experts suggest you the right launch strategy and recommendations for upgrades by setting up customer behavior tracking, user testing, qualitative surveys and quantitative analysis. The results of which helps use work on a launch strategy and a continuous improvement to it and generate significant strategic benefit for your business.

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