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Web Designing

Every business is looking for conversions to happen through their web app. and user experience designing is one of the core factors in helping you achieve this. NMG offers In-house team of talented UI designers who have a track record of creating high-impact design for business use cases that are complex, and could only be driven by the right web interfaces. Understanding your user journey, conversion points at each stage, and usability hygiene, we prepare our style tiles, priority guides and wireframes to achieve successful designs.

Web Design

Our Design Skills

83% of our clients saw growth in revenue after we build a seamless user experience. Here’s How:

1. In house creative designers who understand businesses

2. UI/UX design experts that work in sync with developers

3. Wireframing & Prototyping for apps before development

4. Cross platform compatibility – One website for all devices

5. Real-time & collaborative design feedback process

6. Creating design to development workflows

7. Web and mobile usability testing at all phases

8. Designed to improve search engine rankings

9. Increased conversions upon A/B testing results


Design Feedback Process

Add comments to your design with a click of a button and interact with the designer directly — no previous conversation syncing required.

Preview your prototypes, complete with transitions on desktops, iOS and Android devices, then share your fast feedback directly from the pages.

Share feedbacks on live screen shares

Maintain a task list with all feedbacks along with status, team member and delivery dates – all conversations synced in a single dashboard

  • User Experience
    Fine tune the optimal experience you want to give to your end user
  • Content
    Create engaging content for every section of your pages
  • Conversion Optimization
    Explore possibilities of further making your conversion action shorter
  • A/B Testing
    Create A/B testing strategy using your prototype
  • Call To Actions
    Design conversion optimized call to actions
  • Marketing
    Setup automation and remarketing strategy

Our Simple Design Approach

Simple web designs allow user to quickly find the information they need without any blocking of useless text, widgets or unrelated products, with a prime focus of making the landing page solely about one product or service.

To create designs for businesses, we follow the below features

Only what you need
The biggest aspect of simple web design is only showing what’s needed and nothing more. This doesn’t mean that you can’t give the user lots of information but to make sure they want to see more information

Reduce clicks
The less clicks it takes for a customer to buy a product, the higher returns. We don’t make them jump through hoops to buy your product.

The “Grandma” rule
If your grandma (or any elderly person) can figure out how to buy a product for your site, odds are it’s put together pretty well. Unneeded information will turn Grandma away quickly.

Reduce the number of columns
Each time you add a column to a page, the content is pushed into a smaller and smaller space. This puts less emphasis on the main product, and more on extra stuff the user isn’t really looking for.

Give less options
Displaying products in a way that eliminates extra thinking and decisions will streamline the buying process and give the customer more peace of mind.

Keep it clean
A clean design keeps visitors happy. By taking the time to ensure that the layout of the site is aesthetically pleasing keeps the customer returning to the site.


Web App Designs for Success

NMG can transform your simple corporate branding, boring bullet points and unimpressive logo’s into striking visual assets

Responsive Designs
One design for all screens is our mantra for all web apps we design. Mobile first designing and responsive coding together helps bring your users back and retain them for a longer customer lifetime value.

Enhancing the user experience with appropriate content, tone of voice and engaging visual design, build trust among users. Our SEO team can advise you on right keywords and topics for content creation that can be designed to convert.

A/B testing & Conversion based designing
Creating versions for your landing page designs, using them for A/B tests and optimizing them for conversion goals.