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NMG’s process is designed to work with businesses looking for high-end software development to scale operations and reach more users. Unlike typical outsourcing companies, we are focused on understanding your business operations, your customers and your vendors, plan and document everything from the start - at the same time provide flexibility in changes evolving in your businesses.

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Software Development Lifecycle Process

Our process is focused on providing transparency in production and flexibility in engagement models that matches your operations. This two way support and interaction helps us build customer-driven, relevant and innovative software that adds value at every stage in your customer's journey.


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NMG uses agile development methodology with scrum enhancement providing highest priority to early and continuous delivery of working software modules frequently, with shorter timescale. With personalized form of engagements, our Account Managers - for project coordination, and Project Management - for team and delivery management, understands the need of a growing business and welcome change requests, even late in development to harness your competitive advantage.

Dedicated Team Setups

Build your team of relevant, dedicated resources, who works as an extension of your business, working for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Time & Material Setup

Hourly or monthly team setup with wide range of skill sets, working with initial specs and evolving as a result of deliverables.

Fixed Cost Model

With a clearly defined scope, project plan and a fixed cost, the project is built under our teams expertise & process methodology

Project Management

Complete project collaboration from resource setup, planning & scheduling, team management, task & communication management, and delivery & feedback management

  • Video calls with team for project discussions, Q&A and faster understanding
  • Quality assurance, unit testing, faster response time & timely deliveries are in-built in our processes
  • Launch strategy, after launch support and marketing roadmap are all defined for you right after development completion
complete project management

Communication Process

In the past, communication with offshore teams meant painfully waiting of time zones to match, slow chat conversation or broken voice calls leading to uninformed or mis-communicated loops of approvals and feedbacks. Today, everyone needs to know what’s going on inside the production. NMG’s easy and powerful communication process allows you to get straight to discussion - right away!

Old Way

  • Drop an email
  • Wait for almost 24 hours for team to revert
  • Get on skype chat
  • Schedule a time
  • Get on a VOIP call
  • Create feedback documents
  • Check work
  • Send another email with more corrections
  • loop


  • Book a time through our team calendar
  • Get on Zoom Meeting
  • Discuss with live screen share

Launch Strategy & Upgrade

Launch Strategy & Upgrade
  • Build a software development road map for phases of development based on market research and budgets
  • Setup analytics, re-marketing & automation tools to test and measure results – NMG can suggest you the right tools for tracking and setting up your product for conversion success – right from the start
  • Creating initial marketing strategy for SEO, Social Media and Blogging to capture user data from all sources
  • After launch support – design, development & testing
  • Create action plan for upgrade based on the initial launch results
  • Begin upgrade and maintenance work on time and material basis
  • Create a full fledged paid marketing strategy for your product

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