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Enterprise Mobility

NMG provides best-in-class strategy, design, and implementation of Enterprise Mobility solutions that streamline your customer process, help you scale your operations, increase your customer reach and hence achieve your growth targets. We offer expert knowledge from product strategy to ideation, design, build and deploy, so you can focus on your business problems - which we can solve.


Scale Your Operations – Build Your Own Independent Team

Ready to use IT Infrastructure
Build your team of skilled, relevant, dedicated resources, who work as an extension of your business, working for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day on hourly or monthly setups.

Dedicated Team Setups
Our dedicated team set ups provide ready to use IT Infrastructure of custom teams that are deployed to work on ongoing projects. This team provides an arrangement of seamless working as part of your in house team or individually to provide quality, unique and project-specific solution

Flexible working to match your processes
NMG uses agile development methodology with scrum enhancement, making the working style of team fit in your process and provide highest priority to early and continuous delivery of working software modules frequently, with shorter timescale.


Design Product Strategy & Roadmap

Provide IT Consulting
NMG provides technical consultancy to build a requirements gathering plan that will help you focus your effort towards your business goals – right from the start. Our consulting will help eliminate the gap between business challenges, technical requirements and end customer experience, which is a huge step in building a successful product.

Work with a Business Analyst
We will set up a dedicated Business Analyst who will have series of brainstorm session with you to understand thoughts, business model, functional requirements, targeted audience and competition. The output can be broad mockups or sketch formats of software along with an SRS document with use case diagram that shows how people interact with software

Complete Product Strategy
SRS document will be your project development strategy document which will include objectives, functional and data description, system architecture, architecture context diagram (ACD), systems requirements, technology consulting along with suggested additional revenue streams.

Easy Project Management
Complete project collaboration from resource setup, planning & scheduling, team management, task & communication management, and delivery & feedback management, the project is built under our teams expertise & process methodology

Fast Communication
Communicate directly via video calls with team for project discussions, Q&A and faster understanding. Get access to teams calendar and schedule calls as per your convenience - Chat, call, email the team members whenever needed


Automate Your Processes For Next Level Of Growth - Build Your Custom App Solutions

SaaS Apps
Based on your business goals of managing 1000 or 100,000 users, addressing poor or average customer experiences, building a subscription based model or generate recurring revenue or beating that funded competitor, our SAAS solutions built using the modern development approach can fulfill any or all of your goals.

Apps for Web
NMG offers long-term success partnerships for web monetization strategy, driving customer relationships with careful planning and execution. Additionally, we provide the right DevOps tools and principles in place, so the task of building and sustaining web applications doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Apps for Mobile
Mobile IOS apps opens the doors to a huge customer base who is now cross device functional and always on the go. Mobile apps are not just needed by B2C businesses but B2B businesses are now seeking this opportunity to expand their operations, services and solutions across industries.

Apps for Tablets
Create apps for tablet devices gives a host of extra space and creativity to designers to help your customer use the app for their rightful purpose. This extra creativity put in is what makes businesses opt for tablet apps for both their direct customers or vendors or their field employees.

  • Build a software development road map for phases of development based on market research and budgets
  • Setup analytics, re-marketing & automation tools to test and measure results – NMG can suggest you the right tools for tracking and setting up your product for conversion success – right from the start
  • Creating initial marketing strategy for SEO, Social Media and Blogging to capture user data from all sources
  • After launch support – design, development & testing
  • Create action plan for upgrade based on the initial launch results
  • Begin upgrade and maintenance work on time and material basis
  • Create a full fledged paid marketing strategy for your product