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NMG is a global full-cycle software development company building advance websites, software and mobile apps using latest technologies since 2008.

NMG is an outsourcing service company that build custom software development solutions for businesses across the globe.

We have teams available that work with an overlap of 5 business hours a day. By scheduling calls and meetings on a prior notice, we can avoid middle of the night situations. In case of urgent needs or any concerns, our teams are available within a response time of 2 hours.

NMG by nature, start discussions by first understanding your business and industry. We do our due research and analysis before we step into project discussion calls. Understanding your business model, idea, vision and goals is imperative for our developers. We ask the right questions to help us understand your interests.

Yes. Requirements gathering and documentation of scope is our very first step within the development cycle. For fixed cost projects, our scope is very clearly defined and an SRS document is prepared at the time of development to make sure there are no scoop creeps.

Absolutely! We are here to discuss all your requirements and based on it, our experts will suggest you the right solution that fits in your business model and your budget. You can go for PHP or Asp dotnet technology to build your custom software or app, or use an existing open source solution. Feel free to schedule a 1 – on – 1 call with our experts and get free consultation advise on your project.

Yes, we have an in house team of creative and talented designers who will create right user experiences for your product keeping your branding, vision and end customer in mind. Check our portfolio of work here.

We use a lot of measures in our processes to ensure high quality development - project management to manage teams, deliveries, standards and scope, follow coding standards, frameworks and best practices to build your product and most importantly we follow strict testing practices at every stage of design and development to ensure that the end product is high quality.

You might! Schedule your free assessment and get full understanding if you need a hybrid or a native mobile app or simply a mobile version of your web app.

Without a doubt! This is our first and foremost priority to make your app work on all desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. Do remember, that there are certain applications that need a different mobile site than the one running on the desktop. Feel free to discuss with us.

Below is our 4-step design process

#1 Understanding your business and end customer
This is where our designers will understand your project requirement, business process and goals to be able to create a flow. By asking the right questions and 1 – on - 1 calls, she will understand your business, branding, vision and end customer goals.

#2 Design
We begin by creating workflows and wireframes to include all functionalities and features intact with the designs. After the flow is approved, we then begin designing it in PSD and HTML for portotyping

#3 Feedback & Evolution Process
Our very easy to use feedback process is highly efficient and effective to gather your comments and work on improvement collectively.

#4 Prototyping
Front-end development of the approved screens will be done along with complete usability testing for responsiveness, browser compatibility, page speed load time and on page SEO.

We us tools and processes that make design feedback sharing easy and effective for our clients, eliminating the need to explain flows through static wireframes and sitemaps.

Our designers will simply send you an in-browser link where you pin your comments and collaborate with the designer on real time basis enabling you to spend less time trying to communicate your vision and more time iterating and improving the product

  • Send a link to view designs in the browser or on a mobile device
  • Leave comment directly on the design
  • Organize conversations around specific design elements
  • Easily invite other stakeholders to collaborate on your designs

We will create two design themes for you. At a given time, we will create a single design theme based on our discussions with you. You can then share your feedback on the designs. If you do not like the first theme at all, we will then scrape it and design a new one based on your feedbacks on the last one.

You get 3 -5 rounds on revisions on each design.

Each project is unique, hence there is no template cost structure that we can give you. You can share your project concept with us, and will give you a personalized estimation.

Yes. Our hourly rate starts from US$25 per hour with a minimum commitment of 200 hours. You can hire single developer or a team of developers on a monthly contract as well. A part time project manager will be assigned on your project to oversee all development tasks. To track your developers work and performance, you will be given access to live streaming software, where you can see the live working of the developer on your screen. Daily timesheets, tasks reporting, calendar management and collaboration will be included in our contracts.

Absolutely! We can schedule your call with our developer so you clarify all your questions and build a relationship.

Because it allows projects to self-organize, provides transparency into project work, and emphasizes communication from team members. The fact that all participants follow a framework or process is important to ensure consistency.

Absolutely. We can set up a designer for 40 hours monthly as part of your dedicated team.

Read here to learn more about intuitive and transparent process

This again depends on your requirements, but on a ballpark a custom developed solution can take anywhere from 3 calendar months to 6 while an open source solution takes around 2 – 3 calendar months.

No. We can suggest you the right hosting provider for your application. If you would need cloud hosting, then we can set up cloud hosting server for you on Amazon Web Servers as we are Amazon Certified Partners.

Yes. We provide 60 day on going support after the launch.

You can pay us via online bank transfer & e-check (US only) and international bank wire transfer. Payments are divided based on the milestone structure defined at the time of contract submission.

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