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ASP.NET Development

NMG provides a dedicated team of 40+ MS Certified developers in house that have experience in building more than 317+ successful web applications solving business challenges. We have a team of dedicated Microsoft Certified ASP.NET Developers that are duly qualified, experienced and capable of handling large IT projects. Their expertise, reinforced by deep understanding of your business, makes us an ideal technology partner for all your project needs.


ASP.NET for Businesses

Custom Content Management Systems
We offer highly functional Content Management Systems for building sites/providing net development services with simple publishing needs, complex applications or enterprise level systems with easy integrations with your existing business solutions.

Staffing, E- Learning & Listing Software
Being a net software development company, we build custom staffing software concepts for advanced business processes using automated background screening processes, ADP integration for staff payroll, automated tax and overtime calculations in compliance with state laws along with live and recorded interview mechanisms.

Marketplace Apps & Portals
Our up-to-the-minute marketplace solutions are designed with the expected front-end and back-end process flow, bidding system, integration of a secure and best-suited payment/escrow/bitcoin mechanism.

Booking Apps
We provide effective online booking solutions for major industry verticals - ranging from integrated custom booking systems and simple to complex booking systems.

SaaS Solutions
We provide SaaS solutions to businesses who are looking to scale their business globally using their existing systems or building a new solution altogether with mobile apps.


ASP.NET Advantage

Needs less coding to build large apps
ASP.NET drastically reduces the amount of code required to build large applications. The source code and HTML run together as ASP.NET pages, making it easy to maintain and write. Also the source code is executed on the server, providing a lot of power and flexibility to render web pages

Secure Apps
With built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, your applications are safe and secured.

ASP.NET for business apps
The windows web server thoroughly monitors the web pages, multiple components, and applications running over it to run large apps faster. ASP.NET framework quickly gives an alert for memory leaks, unbounded loops, and other wrong behaviors, immediately killing them and restart them over again.

ASP.NET features like early binding, JIT compilation, caching services and native optimization supports gives your application the high level of performance.

It is widely used as a preferred development framework for building enterprise level web applications, that today’s businesses love to use. The ASP.NET development company technology offers immeasurable benefits for various issues like memory management, security, and exceptional handling, making it an ideal solution for custom built apps.


ASP.NET Services

Custom .NET Development
As a .NET web development company, our Microsoft certified .NET developers have the expertise to transform complex business processes to simplified, scalable, high performing .NET applications for web, mobile and cloud.

.NET Integration
Leverage the power of .Net integration with NMG. We can develop Web Service/API and middleware to facilitate bi directional communication between disparate systems irrespective of platform or programming language.

Migration to .Net
NMG provides the expertise to upgrade your current application or legacy applications build with VB6, Foxpro or any outdated technologies to latest runtimes of .NET technology with intuitive UX/UI

Maintenance & Optimization
Our highly experienced MS certified .NET developers can diagnose application bottle necks through debugging, refactoring and profiling. We can do schedule maintenance and agile enhancement of your application.


Our ASP.NET Skills – your benefit!

Full Cycle ASP.NET Development Services
We, as an ASP.NET development service company provide an end-to-end service that spans from wire-framing, UI design, Development and Maintenance

Agile Processes
Our scrum methodology lets you take control of your projects recurring change requirements as per market standards

Certified Developers
Our developers are MS certified and duly screened, trained and evaluated professionals

Quality and Security
We use a huge range of testing tools to ensure that your final product goes to launch free from errors. All applications are produced according to strict security guidelines and best practices.