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Dedicated Team Setups

Our dedicated team set ups provide ready to use IT Infrastructure of custom teams that are deployed to work on ongoing projects. NMG provides an arrangement of seamless working as part of your in house team or individually to provide quality, unique and project-specific solution


Ready to use IT Infrastructure

Build your team of relevant, dedicated resources, who work as an extension of your business, working for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day on hourly or monthly setups


Experienced Dedicated Team

5+ Years of minimum experience of prescreened, certified developer. Hourly or monthly team setup with wide range of skill sets, working with initial specs and evolving as a result of deliverables


Easy to Communicate

Communicate directly via video calls with team for project discussions, Q&A and faster understanding

Get access to teams calendar and schedule calls as per your convenience

Chat, call, email the team members whenever needed


Flexible working to match your processes

NMG uses agile development methodology with scrum enhancement, making the working style of team fit in your process and provide highest priority to early and continuous delivery of working software modules frequently, with shorter timescale.


Project Management

Complete project collaboration from resource setup, planning & scheduling, team management, task & communication management, and delivery & feedback management, the project is built under our teams expertise & process methodology