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FinTech Apps

Our custom FinTech solutions are built with the aim to connect your business to the customers in amore efficient manner with crisp and clear UX designs, intuitive workflow, and building lean, smooth-running,appealing and commercially viable financial apps. NMG builds solutions for businesses in need of powerful financial technologies to manage theiraccounts and payees, customers to manage credit scores, personal finances and expenses


Payments Processing Apps

FinTech apps offers convenient digital wallet, invoicing service and fast operations, all handled at low transaction rates. These apps are build with high level of security of both personal and financial data of its users, and thoroughly encrypts each transaction.

Your traditional marketplace can accept cash and credit card payments from a smartphone or tablet with a user-friendly FinTech digital wallet system.

NMG builds FinTech solutions for services like easy and instant payments for electricity, water, gas, insurance payments, recharge payments and much more.


Equity & Personal Loans

Using the blockchain technology, a cryptocurrency system is built for fintech apps such as

Wealth management apps for personal loans, mortgages and student loans and refinancing.

For the business in equity, equity crowdfunding was the answer to many startups. The leading crowdfunding platforms are really changing the world of equity through mobile apps.


Mobile App Development

FinTech startups are making financial systems more effective, thus more and more entrepreneurs connected with finances and banking started to think outside the box with mobile applications for financial education apps, retail banking and lending apps, peer-to-peer money transfer applications, investment apps, cryptocurrency-powered apps and others.

FinTech apps build by NMG leverage mobile app customers to transfer money to any account worldwide, While, the moment money arrives in the account a user can spend it or withdraw it if necessary.