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Augmented Reality Business Apps

Enterprises around the globe are deploying Augmented Reality solutions to bring new productivity to a wide range of tasks by introducing gamification into their processes. From increasing user engagement to behavioral tracking, AR is making complex business challenges seems easy!


Retail Ecommerce

Augmented Reality is now becoming a big part of retail ecommerce, offering experiences to customers as they would have it in a store visit.

Some of the areas where AR technology is being used to build experiences:

  • Create virtual tours tailored to the expectations of different customer segments
  • Virtual Try-on (Cosmetic industry)
  • Creating 360 degree view of products
  • Warehouse inventory management support systems for package codes tracking, sorting and delivery.

Health & Fitness Apps

Using IoT, AR can track user behavior to generate rich behavioral data. For businesses, this provides an opportunity to more fully understand customer patterns and tailor the user experience to match expectations.

AR can provide user’s connected world experience by linking to other wearables, such as smart watches and health trackers, to create personalized suggestions, video recommendations and nutritional advice mobile apps.


Learning & Training Apps

Building AR driven learning apps can take businesses to new levels for user engagement.

Building AR features such as face-to-face interactions, exchange virtual notes and make presentations in a shared environment without the need to be in the same physical space, and without having to travel to the meeting destination is a solution which the education industry was looking for.

AR is also being used in employee training programs by businesses, saving them thousands of dollars.