NMG Technologies Participated in Softwave 2023, The Republic of Korea Software Exhibition

NMG Technologies Participated in Softwave 2023, The Republic of Korea Software Exhibition

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The Softwave, software exhibition happened in Seoul from 29 November-1 December 2023. The event featured a range of encompassing a variety of SW convergence fields such as Web 3.0, AI, Augmented Reality, NFT/Content, RPA, Mobile Communication, Fintech, Healthcare, Autonomous Driving, and Security.

NMG Technologies is excited to announce that it participated in Korea’s leading software-ICT business fair from 29th Nov-1st Dec 2023 in Seoul, Korea. The event brought together tech professionals worldwide to explore new worlds and discover what’s next for tech and humanity. The exhibition’s focus was on innovative growth in the wave of great change. As one of the leading mobile app providers, custom web/software development, AI/ML applications, and Advance Search Marketing cutting-edge services, NMG connected with fellow industry leaders and shared our expertise at the exhibition.

Rohit Maheshwari, Director of NMG Technologies, commented on the company’s participation, stating that “This was a remarkable event, and we enjoyed being a part of it. We believe this event provided a valuable opportunity for us to connect with industry leaders and discuss the future of software technology.”

With its impressive list of NASDAQ-Listed Enterprise Clients such as RGP Inc., Nikon Corporation, WHO & Oxfam – NMG Technologies has always delivered the right services and values to its customers.

The NMG team was present at Coex Hall A Samsungdong, Seoul,Korea.

About NMG Technologies

NMG is a global software company specializing in custom development services. We have served over 500 clients with mobile app development, web development, software development, Python development, beta testing, automation testing, and e-commerce solutions. We maintain high-quality standards during each project using only the latest technologies. With 15 years of experience and satisfied customers worldwide, NMG Technologies takes pride in its work!

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