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Portal Apps for Businesses

Whether you need your internal teams to work more efficiently with each other, or you're looking for a way to securely collaborate with your customers or vendors, NMG builds different B2B & B2C marketplace portal software development solutions that can manage transactions, dealings, multi vendor, catalogues, auctions and document sharing, securely and collaboratively over cloud on both web and mobile platforms.


Enterprise Apps & Portals

Our approach begins with mapping your team’s existing workflows and process into a solution that aims to strike the right balance with end-user adoption, making solutions less complex and restrictive to use.

Usability of portals is one big factor usually neglected while creating solutions, but here we look to understand how your end users will use the technology (web, mobile and tablet) and how it integrates with their daily workflows.

Our custom solutions provides integrations with popular enterprise tools to add improved collaboration features to your preferred productivity tools.


Mobile & Tablet Apps

Mobility has become mandatory for today’s agile enterprise. Whether travelling or working at a client site, your users expect to be able to access the information they need, when they need it.

Our effective enterprise portal solution allows users to seamlessly hop between locations and devices without losing last activity.

Our mobile and tablet apps, with offline availability lets user - both internal and end user, have access to their data to function seamlessly, while on the move, to your existing suite.


SAAS & Cloud Apps

Cloud collaboration solutions have become central to today's enterprise technology stack, allowing organizations to free themselves from restrictive legacy IT infrastructure and collaborate more effectively, while balancing data security.

Cloud-based apps built by NMG, make it easy for teams, customers and vendors, to come together and collaborate, do business together, manage and track progress – no matter where your users are located, everyone remains synchronized and connected.

Trusted By Businesses

More than 500+ businesses from Fortune 500 to Start up's, representing a diverse range of businessmodels, use NMG's services and solutions to transform business into measurable success.

Our portfolio speaks more than words. Check out the real examples from our work history. Please go through the case studies displaying how we work and the customer satisfaction standards our team can deliver.