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Cloud Apps for your Business

Scaling to cloud can help you connect customers on all devices, engage employees via mobility, streamline operations, and create a competitive advantage. NMG has years of business experience to deliver the cross-platform cloud app development solutions that drives your digital transformation and help you achieve your goals in a streamlined manner.


Enterprise Mobility Apps

Mobile applications dominate enterprise mobility, making it even more important to think about mobility more strategically, to help ensure mobile solutions fit in with your operations.

Enterprise mobility is becoming an important element in the digital transformation journey of growing business organizations.

Our enterprise mobility apps are designed to offer maximum functionality and streamline the process flow within an organization with emphasis to enhance the user experience and build using agile approach making it smart and future-ready.


Marketplaces & Ecommerce Apps

NMG can help you build saas based marketplace solutions for your businesses for trading, renting goods, space/storage/warehouse, or any other services.

We can build a truly personalized marketplaces which are cross device compatible, individual mobile apps for customer, vendors, tablet apps for employees on the field, admin console to manage all your systems at once and third party integration compatible which can sync with all your current production tools.


Upgrade to Cloud

NMG provides upgrading or integrating your current legacy systems to cloud. With the back-end systems of most enterprises unable to cope with the mobile devices and its functioning, let alone support their performance and scalability requirements, Upgrading these on-premises systems or moving them to the cloud will help you scale your business widely to new customers.

We have real-world business experience of upgrading legacy systems to cloud apps without having to redo the complete application - at the same time, adding new value to your customer flows, designing better user interfaces for both your employees and customers and an administrator panel with amazing insights and reporting structure that can help you take the right marketing decisions.