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7 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools – Which one suits you?

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Now that you have an app, how do you know its working for you?
Analytics are a necessary tool for any new app in order to get information about how the app is doing with number of downloads, or number of crashes.

We present here some top mobile app/android app analytics tools which you can use for your app.  Some of these tools also include tracking to find out how and where the app is being used.

This data is very helpful in creating marketing plans.

Our blog will help you select the right mobile app analytics platform for your app. Some Key takeaways: 

  • Setting up analytics after launching will leave you with loss of data.
  • Not all analytics tools are made for every app.
  • Analytics like Playtomic is good for a gaming app and Localytics might be better with a content delivery app.
  • Start with the numbers you need to know.
  • Remember your customers may not use the app in exactly the way you expected it to be used.
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TestflightappIs a great app analytics tool when you are in the beta test phase of your app.  Testflightapp offers an SDK for tracking your testers, a desktop app for detecting new iOS archives and dSYMs to hand out to testers.

LocalyticsWorld class analytics that find out how often people visit the app, what they are doing in the app, why users aren’t converting, and find out if different users use the app differently than others.


Mixpanel – Uses an SQL database to present data to you.  You can ask any question of the data with all of the metrics that they track.




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Google Mobile App AnalyticsIs a free mobile application analytics software platform from a well known name in website analytics.  Google presents the entire picture of a customer, what attracts new customers and retains present ones.


CountlyIs a true realtime tool tracking thousands of apps on their servers.  Watch what a change in the app makes with your users in realtime with Countly.


Flurry – Is a renowned analytics platform in the market with a free mobile dedicated tool giving you the ability to measure engagement, revenues, lifetime value and more.


App AnnieWorks well with the App Store and Google Play.  They offer an efficient dashboard that makes you able to view revenue, downloads, app ranks, and many more.


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