Why is WordPress the perfect solution for your small business?

WordPress offers perfect solutions for all business types and sizes. A complete guide to why you should use WordPress to run your small business website.

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Since the time WordPress was first launched, it has been one of the most preferred tools for content management system globally. even when there are many other choices a business can choose from but the ultimate choice would be WordPress.

Since the time WordPress was first launched, it has been one of the most preferred tools for the content management system globally. Even when there are many other choices a business can choose from, the ultimate choice would be WordPress Website.


WordPress Website Development provides you all those things that you need while developing your website. It’s very secure, flexible and powerful, all that you want to boost-up your business. No matter what size your content is, the ease of access to WordPress is second to none, which is why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.


Did you know that around 60% of websites today made on the website builder is made on WordPress Website?

More than 23% of the total websites are built on WordPress. Today, people find WordPress Website Development easier to use than any other Website Builder.


Facts about WordPress

Facts About WordPress


It is used by over 80 million websites worldwide who publish new posts every second. Looking at these statistics, you can conclude that WordPress is the best thing since sliced ​​bread.


Check Statista one of the best statistics websites where you can find more stats on WordPress and other Website Builders.


You can create your website on WordPress with ease. Let’s find out…

If you are a beginner, I can understand the dilemma you are having to choose the right platform for your website. And I strongly recommend you try it on WordPress.


What is WordPress?

For the new people here, who are searching for website builders and management for their new or old business, it is important for you to know “what is WordPress Website Development”.

WordPress is strongly attached to its roots and specially built for blogging and website development. The features and functions of the latest WordPress tell us motive: A perfectly designed and SEO friendly platform for blogging that includes tagging, comments, links and hyperlinks management, and content categorization.

WordPress website design is more popular in web development than any other platform. WordPress is one of the best content management services which is written in PHP.

Before we start discussing “why you need a WordPress for your business”, let us understand:

  • Why does a small business need a website?
  • Why is WordPress the best CMS for small business websites?

Let’s find out answers to these…


Why does a small business need a website?

Let’s assume you are a restaurant owner and a person who is nearby your restaurant is searching for a restaurant nearby with the help of his smartphone (Google Maps or other apps). The person using that app or google maps may not be able to find your restaurant who is just near to your restaurant.

This means you miss a valuable customer.

Because of which you must be online. And the best way to promote your business and make it big or visible is not to install a website on your own, rather than putting LEDs on the front.


WordPress for SMEs

WordPress for SMEs

In the current competitive world, it has become equally important to open a website with the starting of a new business.

I have seen many businesses build a website before starting their business, which helps them in marketing and gives a boost or kickstart to their business.


WordPress Websites Development and why is WordPress the best CMS for small business websites?

You may have a WordPress website development experience, or you have a group of engineers or developers who have rich experience in WordPress website development. But did you know why WordPress is the best CMS for small business websites?

We will find out the answer to this question with some detailed explanation of the features and benefits of WordPress.

There was a time when entrepreneurs and businesses searched for a developer to make even a small change to their content and websites. Since the arrival of WordPress, the content management is now very simple with WordPress CMS.

There are a lot of website builders and other software on which you can make your WordPress, so why are we discussing WordPress only?

Since it is the most popular and reliable content management platform, there is no uncertainty about it. As the requirements and statistics, 60-70% of our clients ask for WordPress and 60% of online websites are made in WordPress.

It is an open-source tool for website development and content management, at the same time offers a ton of customization and security options with a variety of plugins that clients can choose from. Also, it has the essential tools available for free and with subscriptions for SMEs.

WordPress is ready to be used immediately after installing, unlike other content management systems that need the support of other software to function.


Types of WordPress

There are two types of WordPress: Hosted and Self Hosted. Both types have their cons and pros. Though, taken together they give SMEs a platform that can develop websites to suit their needs. We will now know about this in some detail.


#1. Hosted WordPress- Perfect for small business enterprise (

When starting a small business, getting a website ready for action is one of the several tasks on the list. As long as the business is not dependent on the website for its revenue (in that case, you need to opt for Self-Hosting), the site will probably act as a tool for marketing.

That’s the reason there is a hosted version on to start an ideal site builder for a small business. WordPress hosted website is completely free, and it is managed by the team at WordPress. This will make headache-free maintenance for you.

The only effort needed from your side is adding content and selecting a theme or template for your website.


#2. Self-Hosted WordPress for the one who wants complete freedom (WordPress.Org)

This version is free to use over WordPress domain Various website builders support this feature of WordPress and it is as easy to use as it is in

If your website has extended the WordPress hosting, the result itself has tools that will assist you with moving to your new version of self-hosting. This makes the migration decision and works very easily.

Most of the bloggers and new businesses are using WordPress hosting and WordPress Website Builder for their showcase.

WordPress enables you to keep in control of your data and use plug-ins as you are solely responsible for your backups, but it also gives you the possibility to earn money by launching your advertisements.

So, yes, if you ask me, I would recommend you choose and download the WordPress installation from

Despite the small investments, you will still need to include self-hosted WordPress, which allows you to have complete control over your website, layout, SEO, ad posting and many such features.


There are also themed marketplaces like Evanto where you can buy digital assets that can bring your ideas to life.

10 Reasons why WordPress is the best…

There are huge amounts of reasons that you can choose WordPress Website Development over some other web development plans. In any case, we have arranged some important and top reasons.


10 Reasons why WordPress is best

10 Reasons why WordPress is best


The question here is why you should use WordPress to maintain your company website?


Here are some of the reasons behind picking WordPress Website Development over others:

#1. Easy to begin with Free Templates and Free Hosting

Yes, you heard this right! WordPress offers free to build websites and blogs over its platform. You can use the free domain provided by WordPress which starts with\…

Whether you are a small-time web developer or just starting a new online business, the fact that WordPress is free makes a difference.

If you want to use or make your domain which you already own or want to buy, in that case, you will first need to purchase a new domain or you will have to connect your previous domain with WordPress at a minimal cost.

 You can choose from a range of free and responsive templates that you want for your website with the help of WordPress website builder. 


The theme directory of WordPress is used by millions of users worldwide. And if you want to learn more about how to design some beautiful themes on WordPress, you can check the Theme Developer Handbook.

#2. It provides Easy and Quick Website Setup

Another significant reason why SMEs should utilize WordPress is that it can be set up easily with a few clicks. This indicates you don’t need to be skilled for hosting or servers because it doesn’t require professional skills.

After using WordPress, you will have a wide scope of functionality and feature that makes your website development more interesting and easier. The informative, clean and simple to utilize dashboard of WordPress makes it easy for developing a website even for new users.


As a WordPress development company, NMG has some Value Added Benefits for Web Application Development  Check Here 


#3. It is reliable and secure

The facts demonstrate that WordPress is an amazing Content Management Service and Web Development Platform that consistently takes continuous work and makes it as secure as possible.

The Internet can be a very precarious place, it’s not just WordPress, no website is 100% secure. WordPress is at the top with regards to giving security. WordPress has a large security team who are constantly working to make the website more secure than before.

They consistently release updates and security patches, making a safe site condition for you.

Numerous WordPress, theme, and plugin updates with improved features are now released each time and keep your website constantly updated on the latest security measures against vulnerabilities.

Therefore, you do not need to bother to update it. WordPress is a treasure of plugins and templates. There are thousands of free WordPress themes and WordPress SEO plugins available on the Internet, making it the ultimate choice.

WordPress has themes for every kind of business, from a portfolio theme to a corporate business theme to a magazine theme or e-commerce theme, WordPress has more.


If you want to know more about WordPress themes, you can go through the article: “Top WordPress Themes For Your Business”


Additionally, there are a lot of ways you can improve the security of your WordPress site with modules or essential precautionary measures.


#4. It is an Open-Source Development Platform

Yes, WordPress is an open-source platform as you can easily download it and also you can use the codes available on online manual WordPress Codex.

This is truly an outstanding and most significant advantage that makes WordPress a favored choice for SMEs. To deal with the source code, you can also hire a WordPress Developer, however, this is your own decision whether you want a developer or not.


#5. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Our customers regularly ask us if WordPress is SEO friendly or not. Well, my answer is yes!

WordPress was originally famous for blogging platform; WordPress has gained influence for giving CMS a strong SEO foundation. It’s not by chance that the website made on WordPress rank well on Google.

Its success can be credited to the features that are built-in, which make it simpler to customize a website, particularly for organizations or owners with minimal technical understanding.

In today’s world of competition, the universe of internet showcasing, in the case that you don’t have a good online presence for your business, you are missing numerous opportunities for business.

It has a responsive design, logical structure and the options to set up every page and post with its meta tag, which makes it much preferable for Google.


#6. WordPress website’s design is highly responsive

If you have a wish to have a mobile-friendly website with a very high response then you have WordPress which is one of the best. Every owner or SME needs a responsive website not only responsive websites but also responsive applications and email formats.

Fortunately for you, most of the templates and themes on WordPress are completely responsive so that your site looks incredible on all platforms, whether its desktop, tablet or smartphones. In case your template or theme doesn’t look perfect by pixels you can generally utilize the plugins for the optimization of the mobile version of the website.


#7. Media Hosting

You might have heard that an image says a thousand words, which is the reason it is significant for you to have the option to transfer pictures and media to WordPress rapidly and effectively.

The textual content may not make your website so exciting or interactive as to include other media such as images, videos, audio files, animations, etc. to make your website more engaging and livelier.

Simply drop your media into the uploader to add it to your site. Include captions and alt text and add pictures and galleries to your content. WordPress had additionally included some picture editing tools that you can play around with.

And WordPress provides you with a platform that inbuilt everything, which helps you handle multiple media types.

WordPress supports images that include a variety of formats such as

  •       .jpg
  •       .jpeg
  •       .png
  •       .gif and much more

WordPress supports audio formats such as

  •       .mp4
  •       .m4v
  •       .mov
  •       .avi
  •       .WMV
  •       .ogv
  •       .mpeg
  •       .3gp
  •       And .3g2

No other platform supports such a large range of formats.


#8. WordPress Community

I am sure you already know how good WordPress is so far, its popularity in content management, and an open-source software where anyone can use code, making millions of active users together with a huge community. There is a large team of developers and in many WordPress communities and discussion forums, it is Quora or Reddit.


A Complete Guide to Web Application Testing Checklist


Most of the issues of WordPress have already been discussed in the community. Where you don’t have to contact support. Many resources can help you learn WordPress quickly.

WordPress is famous for its amazing online support network. With many active clients, a wide community, experienced developers and discussion forums, anybody can without much difficulty easily find answers for their issues.

Similarly, there is a huge number of knowledgeable WordPress blogs that offer guides and tips on day to day basis.


#9. E-Commerce Solutions

If you are already using WordPress for your business, then you will be happy to know that many e-commerce solutions will turn your site into an all-out digital store.

You can use plug-ins such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shop, where you can start your e-commerce website.


#10. WordPress Design Templates

Yes, this is true, you get themes and templates for nothing. You can start working on your site regardless of whether you have a budget or not.

In fact, most of the websites use these free themes. That’s the reason, these themes are much stable as they have been utilized by many site owners for different purposes.

ColorMag is one of those examples which is at present utilized by more than 100,000 websites.

These days, most of the themes of WordPress are Freemium. By Freemium we mean themes that have the combination of both free and premium features. 


Get ahead in your business with new features 

Millions of active users are there who together form a huge community, who are constantly working to make WordPress a better platform than yesterday.

Due to the tireless work of WordPress developers, the WordPress website will never be out of trend.

Regardless of small investments, you would still need to include the self-hosted WordPress which lets you have full control over your website, layout, SEO, ad posting and many such features.


WordPress latest version

Most of you might be thinking about WordPress latest version and what’s new in that. So, let’s start a discussion on the latest version: WordPress 5.3 “Kirk”

WordPress’s latest version which is WordPress 5.3 was released on 12 November 2019 and was named on instrumentalist Roland Kirk. This version was released with some fixings of publishing experience.

WordPress 5.3 includes a new theme, Twenty-Twenty that makes use of block editor for offering a new level of design and flexibility. A new variant font type is also included in this WordPress latest version which makes it easy for the reader to understand and loads very fast.


Features of WordPress 5.3

I will now tell you some of the features of the WordPress latest version.

  • Support for non-optimized images is now improved especially for images that are of high resolution captured from camera or phone. WordPress will automatically rotate your images effectively after upload as indicated by embedded orientation information.
  • Improved accessibility, that includes a new navigation mode, which will aid the movement of users from block to block while navigating the console with the help of keyboard (instead of going through each control).
  • The layouts are predefined and if you are a content writer then you will find it very easy to arrange your content with the help of advanced design.
  • Additional choices for styles, that included the ability to control the content and color of heading.
  • Now you will be asked from time to time to confirm that your administrator email address is up to date when you sign in as an admin. If you change your email address, it reduces the chances of your site getting locked.

Showcase your products or services in conjunction with groups, columns and media blocks with WordPress latest version.



I hope I was able to provide solutions to all your valuable queries that come to mind when you are thinking of developing a new website or upgrading your current or previous website.  After going through the whole you can now say that WordPress is like a boon for all the SMEs because it’s easy to use and saves a lot of money.

When you are using WordPress, you do not have to look for additional add-ons or plug-ins to get basic features like comments, RSS feeds, revisions, etc.

WordPress is flexible even with the load offered, and no one can do it better than WordPress. From a simple blog to an e-commerce website, WordPress is sufficiently able to meet all types of needs and needs through its broad features and extensions.

For any SME or startup, building up a strong presence on the internet can be difficult. We can not ignore effort, time and cost that plays a vital role in making a strong online presence. But you don’t need to worry all about there when you have WordPress. Simply get it to build up your business site.

WordPress is a great platform for your small business to be online, I have personally seen many bloggers and small businesses start a mess and then turn to WordPress to make them realize how powerful a website can be.


WordPress Download:

Download WordPress latest version

If you want to know how much a WordPress website will cost you, you can check

If you are searching for WordPress tutorials you can learn it from WordPress tutorial will guide how you can use WordPress according to your needs.

If you are looking for a WordPress Development Company for your new or old website you can check here.

NMG can help you create amazing WordPress websites. They provide future proof solutions to your business needs. Look at their portfolio. Impressed? Don’t forget to get in touch.


Need help with your WordPress site? Ask our experts for a free solution


Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress the Best Site Builder for Small Business?

Yes, with WordPress you will get website builder and hosting in one package. In the Business Plan of WordPress, you will get more customization in comparison to any other website development platform.

What is so great about WordPress?

WordPress offers free to build websites and blogs on its platform. You can use the free domain provided by WordPress which starts with WordPress website design is more popular in web development than any other platform. WordPress is one of the best content management services written in PHP.

Is WordPress good for professional websites?

Yes, because it is one of the best in open-source platforming and has the biggest community than any other website development platform.

Is WordPress or Wix better?

WordPress is far better than Wix in the web publishing platform for any site. While Wix gives a simple to utilize web designer, you can achieve significantly more with WordPress over the long term.

Do professionals use WordPress?

Most web engineers use WordPress as WordPress is a mainstream CMS that is a flexible framework and very easy to use. WordPress is free, open-source that gives web designers access to programming source code and they can use it.

When should I use WordPress?

If you are SME or Startup and looking to build a website for your organization, then WordPress is on the top of the recommendation list.

Is WordPress a tool?

WordPress is an on the web, open-source website-building tool written in PHP. In any case, it is presumably the simplest and most impressive blogging and site content administration framework (or CMS) in presence today.

Is WordPress easy to learn?

If you spend at least a couple of hours daily on WordPress then that answer is “Yes”. You don’t need complete knowledge of HTML but you need to learn some basics of WordPress.

What is WordPress used for?

Wordpress is one of the best in Content Management Systems and is used to build websites and blogs. It is free to install and comes with a lot of templates and tools.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

The cost of the WordPress package depends on your needs and type of work. The package of WordPress starts from $100 to $500 to $3000 and can even cross $30,000.

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