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Good design or Great Design – Which one does your business need?

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Face it, we all know what a bad website design looks like and none of us wants our business to have one.
Did you know that the distinction between a good and bad design is the same as that between a good and great design?

There are practices used to make a good design, proper use of color, clean typography, responsive and minimal design, etc. But what makes a great design?

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Conversion Rates:  From a marketers perspective the conversion rate of visitors is what drives a good design into a great design.

A psychological standpoint shows that if a site does the visitor feels a sense of connection with the design they will become more involved with the business.

Overall an effective design is almost always preferable over an attractive one.

Attention to small details: For a site to be great, you should have a perfectionist bend of mind.

Keep every detail of the site in mind when creating it, make sure what you say on the site is what you mean and it is said correctly.

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A site with bad grammar or with incorrect directions to a store quickly becomes mediocre.

Think outside the box: Stepping outside of your own realm isn’t hard, but it does require a desire to discover ways an existing design can be improved.

You can always use those color schemes, and typography or layouts you never use.

Keep your customer in mind: Never forget who your customer is.

If you are looking at usability don’t just look at what works, find out why it works.

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You may be looking for a website that can help your business, but your customers will be looking for a website that keeps usability at the forefront.

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