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8 Reasons to choose Android Application Development over iOS

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Did you know that Organizations today are going towards mobile applications to grow their systems to beat a higher client base? Android OS rules the mobile application market, with more than 86% market share in application development.  

In this modern era of technology and software, there are many operating systems for smartphones like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Both small and big companies are concerned about their choice of the platform between Android Application Development and iOS Application Development.


Before going for Android Application Development, deciding the platform for the development of applications mostly depends on factors like your target audience, application features, project timeline, revenue, and maintenance budget.  

For bigger organizations with more assets, various platforms can be used for the development of applications at the same time, while for small business, this is a significant question, which can decide the failure or success of a business.

Organizations today are going towards mobile applications to grow their systems to beat a higher client base. Android OS rules the mobile application market, with more than 86% market share in application development. 


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Taking the advantages of Android Application Development is a need for business today. And in the coming years, more and more businesses will rely on Android Application Development. 

In this article, we are going to discuss which platform among Android and iOS will suit your business and we will discuss the reasons to develop android apps over iOS.     


The first question that comes in everyone’s mind is “What are the factors that make you decide whether to develop your app on iOS or Android first?”. 


So, let’s explore this with the help of factors affecting the decision.

Factors for choosing between Android and iOS

While choosing between iOS and Android most people make their choices based on their personal preference. But you as a business owner, can’t make choices on your personal preferences.

Consider your criteria and business that matters the most. In this article, we have done the research and gathered a lot of data for you especially for these two working frameworks (iOS and Android) and contrasted various metrics so that you can make your decision easier.


Factors affecting choice of OS

Factors affecting the choice of OS


We knew that everything has pros and cons but the given below factors makes the ultimate choice:

  • Audience
  • Features
  • Timeline
  • Revenue
  • Maintenance Budget


At the beginning of any project, you first need to consider the audience who will utilize your services or products. For your application to work, you must know who your intended interest group is, the place these individuals live, what their salary is and what platform they like.

Another reason to go with Android Application Development is the exceptional feature of the Google Play Store that is the ability to release an application as beta and/or alpha release, which might be accessible to only developers.

With this, you can give fast access to a few users, and take feedback from them before you release that application for the overall population.

Why is Android Application Development important for your business?

In the world of Mobile Application Development building, an Android application provides you the key to occupy a significant share of the mobile market which is growing daily. This will allow your business to reach a greater number of customers.

You can use push notifications to entice customers and tell them about upcoming sales, new offers, discounts, and different types of incentives. You can use a beautiful image to grab the attention of your customers.

If you are developing a paid application, then it can generate you more profit and if you are a free app, in that case, it will provide you more downloads.

Power of Google

Google’s way of thinking of development and freedom filters into the applications it has on its stores. Being a brainchild, Android is something more enjoyable to play with. This policy is much more flexible to include apps, which gives developers more room to experiment and innovate.

Picking an Android application development energizes new thoughts and plays an important role in making applications that increase the value of clients’ lives in advance.

Custom Rom  

One of the biggest advantages of Android in custom ROMs. 

ROM which you know is Read-Only-Memory, basically a firmware on which your smartphones run.

Since Android is open-source, an engineer can make changes and reorder the code and upgrade it for a wide range of gadgets. It incorporates the structure and behavior of an instrument.

8 Reasons why you should develop Android Apps over iOS

Every business owner needs to deal with creativity to catch the eye of potential clients. You as a business owner will have an objective to generate more income.

Did you know, the application development for the Android platform offers the business owners a scalable and cost-effective opportunity to create applications.


Features of Android Application Development

Features of Android Application Development


As a part of the digital revolution, a major part of the industry is completely influenced by the entry of Android Mobile Application

We know that iOS is also a popular platform but, but now we will discuss 8 reasons that will divert your decision towards Android.

#1. Market Share

If you analyze the stats of the last 5 years, Android is taking the market at a consistent pace and is enlisting its presence in a wide demographic and geographical range of cell phone users.

The development of the cell phone has a direct impact, suggesting its reach to $ 189 billion in revenue from stores that favor Android.

As per IDC data, 87% of smartphones market share shipped worldwide by 2019 is completely dominated by the Android Market.

Android vs iOS market share 2023

Android vs iOS market share 2023


In the above figure, you can see the statistics of smartphone shipments. (Source: Statista)

You can see from the statistics that cell phones running in Android represent 87 percent of the worldwide market in 2019 and are required to develop in the coming years. The versatile working framework created by Apple (iOS) has a 13 percent piece of the overall industry.

This is a huge sum and has a gigantic potential market of clients. Now if you compare this with an expected 395 million iOS gadgets and 46 million and 45 million Windows and BlackBerry gadgets, separately.

These statistics are enough for you to make the decision to develop your application for the android platform. Here you will get a better opportunity of working at a higher investment model to spread broadly and create more income.

With 2.6 million applications, Google Play Store is at first position for the number of applications available to download and iOS is on second with 2 million applications. In the year 2018, there were over 20 billion downloads from Google Play Store as per the data by App Annie. 

#2. Android Development is low cost and provides high ROI 

Since Android has a huge number of clients from increasingly diverse backgrounds, applications are less expensive. Most of the applications are free to download and are also easily available on the play store in comparison to another operating system.

This is particularly useful for new organizations to launch their applications. Cheap or free applications go far in promoting an application and the organization behind it.


Low Cost and High ROI

Low Cost and High ROI


Building up your own applications for Android is cheap. You don’t have to pay any yearly expense to be a designer (while iOS charges you a fixed expense every year), and you don’t have to pay for SDK tools.

Your highest expense will be the design phase of your application. This incorporates assets and graphics, audio creation and coding. Obviously, you can pay more for advertising, ASO and different things to improve the chances for your achievement.

Your engineer can use any device to build and test any application for their cell phone, guaranteeing low investment and client engagement. End users, thus, take advantage of an interactive application, and thus this will result in higher ROI.

#3. Low Barriers of Entry 

To build the iOS app, a designer must use a Mac. But this is not true in the case of Android, Android applications can be created on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Moreover, registering as a designer on the Apple App Store requires a yearly charge of $ 99, while a one-time installment of $ 25 is required to enlist as an engineer on the Google Play Store.

In simple words, the entry cost for Android developers is way less than an iOS Developer.

If you are developing an Android app, it will be approved and deployed on google play within a day. While on the App Store, it takes half a month.

According to user feedback, an app on the Google Play Store can be updated as many times as desired. On the other hand, in the case of the iOS app, first, you will have submitted your application update that will go through a tedious process. Android obviously wins this game as far as effectiveness.

With the correct mobile application development platform, you can with the race!

#4. You can target another platform 

Using Java Platform to develop Android App makes it easier for porting the application to different platforms like Ubuntu and Symbian. Hence, you as a business owner will have an opportunity to target various platforms with Android Application Development.

Kotlin is the official language of Android Application Development built by Google and this is a replacement of Java. Kotlin can be used to develop applications that run on Android, iOS and Java Desktop Ver.

Big companies like Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, and others use Kotlin language for their Android Application Development.

#5. Building up an application for Android gives more features of Flexibility

What are the features you will give through your business application? Since Android is open-source, there is you can customize your Android application with greater flexibility- making the functions and features that your user needs.

#6. Android Application Development provides you maximum customization feature

Since Android is an open-source platform, it provides a supreme customization feature for Android Application Development and this is the reason that Android Application Development is very popular. 

#7. Scalability and Versatile with Android Studio 

After the introduction of Android Studio, the scalability and flexibility of OS have increased. You can integrate your application with the entire ecosystem of Android with the help of Android Studio that includes, tablets, smartphones, Android TV and Wearables.

You can make your Android application compatible with the upcoming technologies like AR, IoT, and VR. Hence, we can say that you will get sure of benefits after developing your Android application.

#8. You will find Android Application Development easy and quick to learn 

Flexible methods for development factors along with Android’s open working model and easy availability of resources make it extremely easy and quick to develop apps on Android.  

Android’s growth as a mobile app development community has been unprecedented over the years and will appear to be growing rapidly.

You will find an attractive cost and time matrices when you will develop your application on Android. Its generous process of approval and features will make it extremely simple, easier and fast to make an application live.

Android is Open-Source

Did you know that Android became a market leader because of its open-source software?

Yes, created by Google, open code gives developers the opportunity to pick which applications are pre-installed on their gadgets, and they can modify the design to make a unique experience for users.

In the year 2008, the first commercial Android version was released and immediately it became a market leader. Android OS represented four percent of the worldwide OS market in 2009 and for the next three years, this figure grew by 20% per year.

It is one of the easiest platforms for engineers to gain their aptitude levels. Android Applications Development is easy to develop than any other platform. It utilizes Java which is a programming language most designers know about.

Whereas on the other side in an iOS application, one needs to pick Swift or Objective-C, Apple’s development language. The two languages ​​are helpful only for that one who is developing an iOS application.

In the case of Android Application Development, you don’t have to hire any skilled, costly or talented developer for a number of years. In fact, even novice developers can train themselves to make brilliant applications on Android with the trending innovation.


Let’s now talk about Android vs iOS Application development…


Android vs iOS Application Development (Technical Specification) 

In this section, I will discuss the difference between Android and iOS app development when it comes to cost, complexity, time and the publishing process.  


Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS


This will help you in selecting your choice of platform to launch your application.

1. Level of Complexity in Development

Since android has a range of different smartphone models so you might face an issue like Fragmentation. This is not in the case of iOS application development since there is a limited number of models.

But in Android, there are a huge number of devices with different screen sizes, operating system and aspect ratio, so the level of complexity is more in Android Application Development.

2. Development Time

Since the level of Complexity is more on Android, it will take more time to develop an Android Application in comparison to iOS Application Development. When we talk about figures, Android Application Development takes 20-30% more time in comparison to iOS development.

3. Cost of Development

Here, the cost of the development comprises of both factors i.e. Hardware and Software. iOS Application Development is done on XCode which requires macOS and for this, you will need to buy a Macbook or Apple Desktop, and this will add up the additional cost to your development.

One of the biggest advantages of Android Application Development is that its platform for the development can be installed on any standard desktop or laptop.

4. Publishing Process of Android and iOS Application Development

Developing an application for iOS takes a shorter time in comparison with the Android Application Development but when it comes to publishing your application on store, in iOS you will have to go through some procedures before your application becomes live.

But this is not true in the case of Android Application Development as you can upload your application easily.

5. Programming Language

When it comes to the required skills, both iOS and Android have completely different skills as both are made on different platforms. For the Native Application in iOS Application Development, Swift or Objective C is required. In the case of Android Application Development, Kotlin or Java is used.

6. Testing

There are different simulators for application testing in both Android and iOS. But have different positive functionalities like TestFlight which is an iOS testing platform is faster than the simulator which is used in Android.

On the other side, the Android Emulator has a better realistic representation and is more effective.

7. Engagement

While picking between iOS Application Development versus Android Application Development, you need to remember that it is important to have a good number of users with more engagement on a frequent basis.

This will rely upon how you choose to monetize your application. Android generally has more users, while iOS has increasingly engaging users.

8. Application Updates

When we talk about the frequency of updates, both Android and iOS release updates every year. Hence, consider that it might take as long as about fourteen days to refresh the iOS application for another OS discharge and influence your item guide and business procedure. For Android, it will take a few hours to distribute the new application.

Future of Android Application Development 

The Android Market is booming and most of the organizations are coming with the latest version of Android devices and phones, and this is the reason that Android Application Development is becoming so demanding.

In this way, there are different factors for the popularity of Android application development that we discussed so far in this article.

Today, Android isn’t just being used to create applications for cell phones, but today Android is developing applications for smartwatches, TVs, and different devices associated with vehicles. Also, the performance and quality of Android cell phones are improving each year.

Every year passes by, it brings innovation, ideas, and trends. Sometimes innovation symbolizes the future trends.

It is essential to realize the trends and their suggestions on the ecosystem of Android before you build up an application or hire android developers.

Kotlin will change the way we think about mobile development

The main issue for organizations making enterprise mobile applications is to compose their element twice, including non-synchronous features and duplication of bugs, and a significant loss of time.

Luckily, this problem can be refrained from utilizing a cross-platform framework, for example, Xamarin or React Native. But they too have issues like:

  • You will have to use native codes for a few features.
  • It’s impossible to add any existing tasks or projects.
  • New language training is required.
  • It can have an issue of lagging.


But after the entry of Kotlin, which is used by Android developers, the way of Android Application Development changed. Kotlin is an open-source programming language made for application development and is based on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

This programming language can be compiled with the source code of Javascript.

Kotlin is made so that it requires less coding than Java. As per the data, coding in Kotlin is 20% less than Java.

By contributing a couple of hours learning the reference of the language, you can excel in this language.

There are a lot of Android Development Companies that are using this programming language for developing amazing Android Applications. 



I hope I tried to answer all your queries regarding Android Application Development in this article. In this article, I have discussed all the important points that must be known to you as the owner of a business who is planning to build an application for your business.

It can be concluded that for a couple of years there has been a major shift in Android Application Development. Google’s Android OS is currently moving towards a faster, combined experience planned for meeting client desires.

Even though the trend of Android Application Development continues to pass by, it is essential to assess the latest innovation updates to recognize and take advantage of your association for better competition.

Still, Confused? Ask our experts to help you build the right solution for your mobile app.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Android for mobile application development?

Low investment and high ROI is one of the major benefits that you will get from Android Application Development follower by benefits such as Easy to Integrate, Open Source, Easy Adoption, Multiple Sales Channel, etc.

Why should I use Android?

Android provides you greater potential for innovation and Google believes in innovation. Android has the best policies for including applications on the store and this will allow you to do experiments and innovate new ideas.

What language is used for Android app development?

Java is the official language for developing an Android App. Google has its flagship platform Kotlin which too works on Java. The majority part of the Android is developed on Java

Do developers prefer Android or iPhone?

Well, it depends on the features of the application and target audience whether a developer will prefer Android or iPhone. On the other hand, iOS App Development is easier and takes less time to develop.

Is kotlin the future of Android?

Kotlin is a programming language by Jetpack and it is all set to change the way of application developing with its bright future. It has a lower cost of development and its maintenance is very low. Kotlin can be used to develop applications that run on Android, iOS and Java Desktop Ver.

Is Android Application Development easy?

Certainly, iOS users traditionally spend more on their apps, but this gap is still closing, as Android users want to open their software. It is also relatively easy to develop for Android. This is not necessarily simple to code but has fewer barriers to entry than other platforms.

Which platform is best for Android app development?

Android Studio is one the best platform for developing Android apps which is the IDE of IntelliJ idea. Android Studio is the more powerful IDE that is much easier to use and provides a virtual machine for testing your app as well as your physical Android device for testing purposes.

Is Android an open source software?

Yes, Android is open-source and a free platform. Android has a very big community of developers and designers. But there are some terms and conditions by Google that need to be followed.

How much do Google Apps cost?

As per the latest news, new businesses signing up for Google Apps will have to pay $ 5 per user per month or $ 50 per user per year.