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Why WordPress Is The Perfect Solution For Your Small Business

Since the time WordPress was first launched, it has been one of the most preferred tools for content management system globally. even when there are many other choices a business can choose from but the ultimate choice would be WordPress. It is used by more than 80 million websites across the globe that publish new

Top 50 KPIs and Metrics that Matter the Most for your Mobile App

So you’ve built an app which came out to be stunning, both In design and also visually treating. But you know what, it could miserably fail if you don’t appreciate the Key Performance Indicators. You have obviously created an app hoping it would be widely accepted by the audience you have targeted and the app

Core PHP Vs PHP Framework

How are web applications made? Web applications are made of tools called frameworks and programming languages, and in the world of frameworks PHP frameworks needs no introduction. How do these frameworks run? Frameworks run on programming languages, which stand as the backbone to a framework. To be precise, a framework is just a collection of

Top Web Building Tools and Platforms

If you are looking forward to getting your own web application for your business, don’t just pony up the cash and go to a web developer. Before you do that, you need to know all about web development so that your investment is best used. I know you’ve already looked up online for some web

Steps To Create Engaging Mobile App Content

In the recent past, we’ve been predicting that mobile usage will overtake desktop internet usage. The prediction is true and we are already there. Which also means there is immense competition to stand out of the crowd, Mobile app development companies are working hard to rank high in the app store. Ranking high is the