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Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which anyone can download and use it for free!

Taylor otwell a developer created Laravel intended for development of web applications following MVC pattern.

The real potential of Laravel, lead to the creation of many Laravel Development Services who were able to create unassailable and advanced web applications.

The benefits that Laravel brought to the table were enormous, we shall take a look at them in a bit.

Laravel also provides design, components, and tools for a developer to make advanced web applications with Laravel PHP framework quicker than ever!

Laravel PHP Framework

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So why exactly do we need Laravel?

“Laravel” because of the benefits it has to offer, as I’ve mentioned earlier the benefits it has to offer are enormous! 

Let me put in some benefits which could help you understand the real potential of Advanced Web development with Laravel.

Light-weight templates
By inclusion of dynamic content seeding, the impressive layouts by Laravel’s lightweight templates build simple and elegant web applications. 

It also includes a huge collection of widgets with solid structured CSS and JSS.

Built-in Tools
I know what you’re thinking right now, yes every framework has its own built-in tool and Laravel does the same with multiple built-in tools that enhance and streamlines all common tasks.

Important functions like authentication, routing and catching and a lot built-into this particular framework, which makes it that much easier for a developer to work upon.

Lean Development Services
I would rate this as the most exciting feature or benefit of the Laravel framework. Lumen a micro-frame, that works on the same principle of Laravel but a bit more focus on lean development.

It enables in creating a micro really fast. With integrated features at a minimal configuration, lumen helps you to migrate to Laravel’s full framework by just copying the code.

MVC Architecture for Code Organization
Laravel framework uses an MVC architectural pattern that separates and handle specific development aspects of any application built.

This methodology increases performance and also enables the Laravel developer to write clean and legible codes, which help in better documentation.

Unit testing
Now the unit testing feature ensures that no new changes will create an issue by running numerous tests.

Even though a considerable amount of time is needed in the development of the unit testing, it empowers the application to work.

There are a lot of other benefits which are not so unique but definitely, an advantage in the Laravel framework, benefits like incorporated authorization libraries, unit testing speed and also being an extensible and modular framework.

As I was doing my research on Laravel, I had questioned myself “Why is it the most popular framework? And what makes it popular? “

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And I think the above benefits already explains it! But there are some more reasons to choose Laravel from others.

Trending on Social Media
Many companies out there are adapting Laravel very quickly due to its dynamic capabilities and they are surely getting a good response from it, it has been proven over and over again on google trends.

There are other platforms where Laravel has been out-shining other frameworks by a good margin of popularity.

In Laravel, the developer needs to interact using a command line that handles the Laravel project environment.

One of the built-in tools is called as Artisan, which allows a user to perform lengthy programming tasks in no time, it’s also used to create a structured code and database structure to make it easier to manage the database system.

Prebuilt apps
Let’s admit that if something is famous, 99% of the crowd would follow the same path, that is what exactly happened with Applications Developed with Laravel, with the customer demanding for the same featured apps with minor changes here and there, so many pre-built apps are readily available on the Laravel website. 

This is definitely a positive thing because it reduces the time and cost to build another app with same features on Laravel.

We all know that fact that there is no application with 100% security features because it mainly depends on how the developer creates a Web application, but if you compare Laravel with other competitors in the market, it scores the top rating in terms of security.

Everything and anything in the world have its own pro’s and con’s which Laravel also does fortunately or unfortunately.

Top PHP Frameworks

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Let me share a few Pro’s and Con’s which I think you need to know and these factors will help you decide if Laravel is your Cup of Tea!!

• The Popularity among the Web Development community is immense for Laravel, hands down it is one of the most preferred frameworks for Web Development.

• The ease of development is something which has to be mentioned here, be it authentication, sending emails, or scheduling jobs, I personally think Taylor had a lot of forehands thinking about these in particular. All you need to do is add critical functionality to Laravel is to just issue a command and its ready!

• Laravel provides a good programming practice, it exposes you to truly object-oriented design in PHP. For all those who are experts in WordPress or Codelgniter, it gives the first hands-on experience with things like facades, factories, traits and much more, helps you to learn more with ease.

• The Laravel community is immense, every developer who started using Laravel doesn’t seem to move onto any other framework, maybe some have to Symfony! But still, many developers don’t seem to get over Laravel’s architecture. Which means the Laravel community is huge, finding a fellow developer wouldn’t be hard which also means help comes in quick!


• Yes, I have mentioned about speed earlier but not as a whole package, Laravel is slower than a lot of other frameworks, because of a number of conveniences which come as built-in, yes Laravel is slow. Slower than CodeIgniter and also slower than its own little version, Lumen. And it doesn’t come anywhere close to the speed Phalcon.

• To be honest, it is really bad for real-time web applications, it’s not about Laravel but any of the PHP frameworks are not suited for real-time communication, and there are much better alternatives like Node, Go, Erlang etc. which are much better for Web Application development.

• As I have mentioned earlier, it’s PHP which is at fault, it remains one of the poorly designed languages, and it is also slower than its compiled counterparts. SO if these things matter to you, Laravel will not seem like a great choice.

Despite all the Con’s many developers built amazing Web applications based on Laravel, here are a few which will certainly overshadow the con’s.

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American news channel FOX47News is an official news Laravel website of fox-affiliated television station WSTN-TV that covers news, sports, weather and traffic for the Wisconsin capital region.

PHP Laravel Framework

Laracasts is one of the well-known website for educating developers, to make them master Laravel and provide a new experience to write the PHP code for small to enterprise level Web Applications easily. It is backed by Laravel community founder. A user can subscribe to the website and learn Laravel from beginner to expert level course and also share his thoughts. In Laracasts you can post technical query and expert will help you to solve the issue.

Laravel Framework Is a complex corporate website built with Laravel of a renowned American watch company Invicta Watch Group (previously found in 1837 in Switzerland).
The website has e-commerce features such as online product catalog with images, videos and also descriptions.


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