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Ecommerce in today’s digital world is not just selling, it’s a lot more. Ecommerce is now converting itself into a more exciting term – “Entertainment Commerce” i.e. selling made fun. Unless you add the fun to your site, your products will not be sold with ease instead they tend to lose their presence in this big market of online commerce. You use “entertainment commerce” applications in your daily lives such as Swoopo, Qbids, Group-on, etc. to name a few. These are growing exponentially and thus creating a hunger for new business models.

New Media Guru (NMG) has a lot of expertise in ecommerce web applications design and development solutions that enable your customers to make a purchase in a single step and come back to the site again & again.

We have partnered with leading platforms, payments gateways, solution providers and brands to produce successful ecommerce solutions that are unique to their industry.
Our expert team of ecommerce web designers and developers provide professional design layout, easy product management, user database, comprehensive content management, reporting & tracking to create a unique and powerful sales and marketing tool for your online business.

Our ecommerce solutions are robust, scalable, flexible and easy to use.
We can develop your ecommerce solution using Open Source technologies as well. We have separate teams which are capable of designing and developing websites with Open Source platforms and custom built it on .NET technology. Our team will suggest you features , payment gateways and plugins which can be used for your store.
Some of the points we take notice of at the time of developing an ecommerce application:


Our specialist creative team takes care of every detail that can be employed to drive up sales.

Analytics, ROI and Conversion

Our ecommerce creative team specializes in creating user interfaces, usability and sales-messages that are easily used by your customers which in turn maximize the number of conversions made from your day-to-day traffic.


All of our ecommerce solutions are provided with comprehensive control panels that allow for the day-to-day management of your website, product inventory and orders.