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How NMG built a staffing solution for a startup which is now a NASDAQ listed company

Key results from using NMG


100% HAPPY &

5 Year old relationship with repeat and recurring business


From 200 candidates to 40,000 candidates and 56% increase in jobs award

OVER 30,000

US number 1 staffing portal for finance industry


Steve Delvecchia

VP Digital Engagement,
Resources Connection Inc.

(NASDAQ Listed)


"What set NMG apart from other companies was their experience in managing complex programs and their strategic insights in the B2B segment. They did an excellent job throughout the whole project and provided a level of assurance and comfort in their abilities that others could not match"


Who is Adaptive?

Our client had been an accountant for the last 30 years when he approached us to develop a system of automation of their staffing solutions, 7 years back. His main goal was to build a one of a kind portal for listing accountants in the United States where companies could hire them on a contractual basis. The portal is currently only available in 7 states and expanding. The platform would automate a system of background checks, payroll processing, candidate registration, live and recorded interviews, client registration, verification processes, and others.



Understanding Workflow

We needed to research how the staffing process in the U.S. is done along with what was needed to implement the background check mechanisms, finding and integrating an apt payroll and sales tax calculation module, and define an overtime calculation module.

Selecting API’s and defining rules

The website needed custom rules defined to setup online live interviews. API’s needed to be selected to fix bid to resource allocations. Too many integrated API’s might impact the speed and performance of the site.

Discovery and Functionality

This would be an evolving project with understanding the concept and functionality in the discovery phase. Maintaining stability of the website needed to happen on a weekly basis.



Dedicated Resources Allocated

A dedicated team was set up to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, and a testing analyst. An agile development process was used with an intense discovery phase.

Feature Implementation

The website was designed with a custom online job portal using the MVC framework, an automated was added for background checks, payroll processing, and others, a resume parser tool was integrated on the website for the candidates to auto fill the registration form for easy registrations.

Scalability, Compatibility, and UI

We focused the design on the user interface, making the site SEO friendly, and keeping in mind scalability and the addition of future modules. Third party integration of candidate information such as skills tests, LinkedIn profiles, e-signatures, and others. Cross browser testing was done and mobile platform compatibility. Ongoing maintenance is provided.

Client Speak

We are part of our clients journey. Your success is our success.

  • “ Their level of understanding of our business model really stood out to us. I often said that they understand our operation better than our own employees do. They communicate well in writing and on phone calls. They were very responsive and able to make adjustments and troubleshoot very quickly.”
    Brandon Kent
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
    Telemark Diversfied Graphics
  • “ We chose to work with NMG after interviewing/vetting ten web development companies from around the world. NMG won our business because of their deep understanding of .PHP and web design. The team is highly qualified and talented. The attention to detail is excellent. Choosing to work with NMG has been one of the best business decisions our company has made in 10+ years.”
    Nate Hart
    Vice President
  • “ NMG provided a level of assurance and comfort in their abilities that others could not match.By consistently delivering high-quality work, NMG Technologies contributed to an effective and greatly improved website. I praise their cutting-edge design strategies, thorough research, and willingness to implement feedback.”
    Nayer Radly
    Buying Intelligence,
    Project Lead
  • “ NMG Technologies did an excellent job throughout the whole project.They impressed by developing a thorough strategy and communicating effectively with the previous developer. They were stepped into an unfinished, poorly executed project and delivered an outstanding product for launch. Their professionalism, organization, and timely delivery set them apart.”
    Arthur Chileshe
    Founder & CEO
  • “ The NMG team is not only very hard working but goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible outcomes.NMG Technologies was professional and dedicated to delivering high quality results. They offered responsive and engaged customer service, routinely going above and beyond to rectify any issues. The team suggested new ideas, gave honest feedback, and became an invaluable part of the creative process.”
    Adam Bronson Nardi
    Online Dating Website,
    Founder & Director
  • “ What set NMG apart from other companies was their experience in managing complex programs. NMG Technologies provided a detailed specification document and appropriate software solutions from the outset, delivering results very close to the original proposal. The team was available to discuss issues, replied promptly to emails, and provided constant updates.”
    Sai Karan Vedulla
    London & Partners,
    VP & Chief Representative
  • “ NMG's quality of work and methodology were top-notch. They put together a very well-structured team.NMG delivered an effective, client-focused website that met all of the original requirements. They also stood out because of their excellent customer service, responsive daily communication, and reasonable prices.”
    Paul Kinderman
    Sappy Gram,
  • “ I found them responsible, timely, and diligent. NMG Technologies effectively managed the development of multiple sites simultaneously, remaining agile and responsive to day-to-day requirements. They provided open communication and quickly implemented feedback.”
    Alex Tisdale
    Educational Startup,
    Former CEO
  • “ They were very flexible and responsive throughout the whole thing. Within four weeks of going live, the campaign generated qualified interest from over 400 companies. NMG Technologies accomplished the entire project within three months and under budget. The team provided strategic insights into the B2B segment and daily updates on nominations.”
    Nicholas Passero
    Sports Startup,
  • “ NMG is very entrepreneurial, and I think that helps a lot when working with a small company. NMG Technologies provided an exceptionally high-quality product through an organized, technically skilled approach. The agency showed their commitment to the project's success by working long hours, involving senior management in the details, and communicating frequently about deliveries. ”
    Steve DelVecchia
    Adaptive Professional Solutions (Now RGP),

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