The Real Cause for Most Web Products to Fail is
Working with an Inexperienced Development Team

aAbout 80% of the web applications that are launched every year,
do not survive more than a year.

aThe ONLY Lasting way to build successful web applications is
to have an experienced team working dedicatedly on your project.

aThe problem in working with an excellent web development team is
high hourly costs ($80 - $250 per hour)

“”60% Success Credit Goes to the
Technology Built Behind It””

Why NMG’s Development Services are
as Effective as your Local Development Company
- and Costs 75% Less


After 10 years of web development and 500 clients across the globe,
we realized that at-least 88% of those clients have had a
previous bad web development experience

We worked hard and built processes and strategies
that worked for these 88%


Our cost is much lower than your local
web development company because:

We don’t need to build every module from scratch.
We have done this a 1000 times and
determined the most common modules

We produce in India, which gives us an advantage
to have highly experienced talent at low costs.
So we can pass on the savings to you.


How are We Fundamentally Different
from any other Web Development Company?

Local web development companies only create web designs
and outsource all the web development to
other countries with cheap resources

This is a worst situation to be in
as they cannot control the quality of the codes,
neither can avoid a scope creep
Therefore, the product built is just a temporary solution.

But because they cannot control the quality,
you will experience bugs and eventually users leaving your app.

NMG offers experienced
designers and developers in-house,
that are managed by
Project Managers and Account Managers
to oversee product quality,
timely delivery and
NO scope creeps.

Our Rules of Outsourcing

It is most important that you find the right team
for your project who understands your vision,
your business concept, competition, fit in your budget
and provide value to build that unicorn technology.

#1 Define Your Goals and Provide the Right Solution

  • Work with you to document your requirements
  • Experience your business as a customer rather than a feature list—provide the
    objectivity you may lack
  • Set-up Dedicated Team with Faster Response Time
  • Understand your sales cycle to build the right technology for your business

#2 Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Customer and their Journeys

  • Understand different visitor types and intentions to create a relevant user experience
  • Design user experiences that ensure
    • Site load correctly on all browsers and mobile
    • Pages load fast enough
    • Users navigate easily
    • Forms are easy to use

#3 Build Custom Solutions specific to your business requirements

  • Study your market to suggest you the right technology, integrations, hosting servers and API’s.
  • Phase out modules to fit in budgets
  • Build strong scalable solutions with best coding practices
  • Test for conversions
  • Skilled In-house team
  • SEO & mobile friendly apps

#4 Spot Hidden Opportunities and Recommend Upgrades

  • Upsells – cross sell opportunities to maximize immediate customer value
  • Prepare a Launch Strategy

Benefits of Great Outsourcing

Learning the benefits of outsourcing will help you decide
if this is something that could work for your business.

  • You don’t have to hire people
  • You gain access to a larger talent pool
  • Specific Expert/Talent for a technology
  • Cost Savings, but of course..
  • Hold developer/company responsible
  • You can focus on other parts of your business

Modern Outsourcing Approach

Modern outsourcing is, where we find effective ways to work as a collaborative team with same interests.

Be Honest

Share your background with your outsourcing team, tell them your interests, your personal and professional goals, your commitments, how you came up with this business idea, what do you want to achieve with this and how well aware are you technically with this idea.

Understand each other’s culture and respect their interests.
If you wish, do share some motivational articles or videos with your core outsourcing team members. This is the best way to bring them on the same page as you

Be Human

Write your ideas pointwise in a spreadsheet, add relevant images or links for reference and share it with the team. Give them time to go over it and then have a call to explain them. Be ready to answer any questions or even another few calls if need be. It's your responsibility to explain your concept to the team.

The more effectively you do it, the better it is!

Share your feedback thoroughly and deeply and most importantly- humanly!

Be Funny

Being funny doesn’t mean to be liberal, but to make the environment lighter and relieve your team of some small issue stress.

Studies suggest that a stress free environment is always more productive.

Discover Your Development Costs

We would love to take a look at your concepts and analyze the solution for your industry!

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Case studyAdaptive Professionals


Case studyAdaptive Professionals



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From 200 candidates to 5,000 candidates and 56% increase in jobs award



US number 1 staffing portal for finance industry

Stephen DelVecchia

CEO at Adaptive Professional Solutions

What set NMG apart from other companies was their experience in managing complex programs and their strategic insights in the B2B segment. They did an excellent job throughout the whole project and provided a level of assurance and comfort in their abilities that others could not match

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