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Creating Better UX For Our Users

UX: Essential Component of Product Strategy.

The difference between a good app and a bad app is usually the quality of its user experience (UX). A good UX is what separates successful apps from unsuccessful ones. Today, mobile users expect a lot from an app: fast loading time, ease of use and delight during interaction. To build successful apps, we consider UX to be not just a minor aspect of design, but an essential component of product strategy.

Simple Designing: Minimize Cognitive Load, Decluttering & Visual Display

A simple design means keeping content and interactive elements to a minimum, which in turn keeps the user at ease with the product,. By showing organized information to improve user retainability, reducing clutter to improve comprehension and adding more visual weight to the most important element on the screen, we create mobile designs for the present day user who only want, what they need to know.

Putting the User In Charge

Designing interactive elements that are familiar and predictable. Predictability is a fundamental principle of UX design. When things work in the way users predict, they feel a stronger sense of control. Another important aspect of a good design is making it easier for users to go back and make corrections. When users know that they can take a second look at data they’ve provided or options they’ve selected, this allows them to proceed with ease.

Design, Prototype,
Instant Feedback

From static layouts to interactive prototypes, we design all for your apps. Suggest changes to your design with a click of a button and interact with the designer directly — no previous conversation syncing required. Preview your prototypes, complete with transitions on iOS and Android devices, then share your fast feedback with the team.

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Mobile UI Portfolio

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Shitisha is a buy/sell marketplace for users to sell or buy their used or brand new items using a click of a button through their mobile phones. Client approached us to develop an app where user can sell or buy in just a few click. We allocated a dedicated team on project using agile development to manage the production building a pure ecommerce marketplace app with geolocation, ecommerce and community features.


The Little Academy app is an individual app for a school to communicate directly with the parents, sharing a child's progress, daily activity, photos, lesson plans, attendance & upcoming events. The Little academy team needed a talented and forward-looking team who could work based on their objectives to help scale up the academy business.


Sweet or Sour is #1 dating app for singles in university looking for partners. The app functions on a strong matchmaking algorithm, matching profiles with similar interests and likes. The main core of this app is live chat and group chat feature along with various social media functionalities. We provided consultation for their App, designed and developed their web and mobile platforms. Our relationship with the client has been a tremendous one.


ComCOACHgo is the fastest, most engaging, social learning and development system that delivers practical, targeted learning experiences in super short micro-bites that are highly engaging. With this app, you build a dynamic reference library of short learnings your people can access anytime. ComCOACHgo develops teams of people that need to stay sharp and in particular interact with others.


Giraffe is an interactive application for parents to help keep their children engaged with activities based on their child’s age group helping parents to spend quality time and build a camaraderie with their children. Articles will be auto suggested by the platform based on children’s age and will convey through video and slideshows on how to play a game/activity.


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