The most frequently asked and the most expected question you get in mind when you are looking for product development - “How much will it cost to build my Ecommerce website?”.

Well it’s not that simple isn’t it!

There is a lot that goes behind in creating an e-commerce store, and I’m going to take you on a tour of what goes behind building one and also answer this most frequently asked question.

Well every E-commerce store needs a strong conceptual foundation behind it, a great idea and planning, an excellent ecosystem and top-notch talent in both design and engineering phases.

Go wrong with any of these elements and you will risk the value and returns of your online store.

Substantial Online stores – require significant time and expertise to build.

Businesses may be surprised at the typical price range for a high-quality ecommerce store.

Keep your expectations realistic and understand the pay scale that professional web app development operates on.


"When it comes to Ecommerce development, you get what you pay for!"

Now let’s answer your question.
How much does is cost to build an E-commerce store? Well the answer is...

"The cost of building an Ecommerce store with a development company varies according to its features, complexity, and the type of firm employed"

Let me take you through the following 5 rules to apply when planning your budget.

#1 Getting your concept right and validated


How do you validate your business idea?

How can you assure success of your E-commerce website?

We at NMG have created a data driven approach to find if an ecommerce app concept can be a success or not.

We have created a Success Prediction Metric which goes deep in understanding the below factors for specific industries.

Here we give you a glimpse of the factors we consider while predicting a successful ecommerce store:

  • People who get a requirements gathering done vs people who don't
  • Lean ecommerce startup vs a Full-blown approach
  • Testing versions - sending questionnaires, surveys and asking for reviews
  • Best seasons to launch your online store
  • Full time Entrepreneurship vs Part time dedication
  • Working with experienced development companies vs freelancers
  • Marketing & Promotion of your ecommerce store - identifying the right channels to market your ecommerce app
  • Understanding user customer journey by capturing their feedbacks and reviews, which always gives you options to make your online store better

#2 Building an ecommerce store which is Conversion Optimized

Before we talk about ecommerce store conversions, let’s keep the following points in mind while building our stores.

  • Focus on customer journey than anything else. Identify features they need
  • Design a shopping experience that easily lets your customer make a purchase
  • Set-up automated email campaigns and get your customers back
  • Build offers and sales promotions regularly to keep your customers coming back
  • Understand if your business needs a mobile app
  • Re-target your customers on social media

We strongly believe that if we follow the below 8 steps, we can build an ecommerce store that will surely convert.


    Recover abandoned cart follow up email process


    Single Page checkout


    Incentivize buyers with coupons and discounting


    Advance search and filtering option to locate a product easily


    Product Retargeting on other pages


    Boost shopper confidence with product reviews


    Side-by-side product comparisons


    Live chat integrations


#3 Types of development companies and how they affect costs

Today building an ecommerce website require two big components:

  • Finding an experienced development team and
  • Managing the team smartly.


We call the combination of the two "Customer Managed Development"

The scale of the project at the initial concept stage can be overwhelming for some, right from managing product inventory to getting products photographed.

It’s all a big challenge!

But if you are able to find a right development partner, who can build a technology that can make this easier for you, the process will not really be as daunting as it seems.

Read #4 and download this checklist. It will make sure you are off to a great start

#4 How to manage your development process seamlessly and avoid getting into change requests trap

If you're currently looking for an high-end ecommerce app development, you know that it may take a few months to build and bring returns,

Which is why it’s more crucial than ever to accurately track your development and, if needed, make adjustments along the way.

That’s why, we bring you an actionable checklist that covers:

  • How you can manage yourself to manage your team
  • Why most people think their ecommerce app is “failing”
  • Use this step-by-step guide to avoid wasting your valuable time and get it done right the first time.
  • And more!


Download this Developmental checklist to keep your ecommerce web development process well managed and streamlined

#5 Factors that contribute to the Final Cost of your Ecommerce Website


The major part of the cost of ecommerce development depends on its features and functionality.

We are sharing costs of some of the common modules to help you get an idea of your development costs.

  • Single Store Ecommerce (custom): $10K
  • Multi Store Ecommerce (custom) : $25K - $50K
  • Video/Music Streaming Ecommerce (custom) : $20K - $50K
  • Open Source Ecommerce (<10000 products) : $5K - $10K
  • Open Source Ecommerce (>10,000 products) : $20K upwards


There are many factors which affect the overall cost of an ecommerce store, from planning to features to the company which is developing, a thorough homework and research of your local developer or Web development company which you are considering to approach will definitely help you in major cost cutting.

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