NMG Customers stories

How we built a luxury concierge service business into an exclusive Hollywood event ticket hosting and booking platform

Key results from using NMG

scalable traffic growth

Year on Year

Website traffic increased and is scaling up every year along with revenue.

increased web and mobile reach

5X Increase in

Increased web and mobile reach in the first 2 years after the launch with 5X increase in subscriptions

long term engagement

Working with Client
for 10 Years In a Row

Our client is satisfied with our services and has been associated with us for past 10 years now. We are also working on new start up ideas to build together


Who is VIP Concierge?

The VIP concierge is our very first client and he is still working with us till date. We have worked with the client starting from design, development, maintenance, mobile applications and ongoing internet marketing. We are also discussing new start up ideas to build together. The concierge business revolves around movie premiere tickets booking, red carpet events enquiry and other concierge services like exclusive bookings of mansions, luxury cars, yacht and more. The client is an MIT passed out nuclear scientist and now, is a highly successful individual in the concierge business.

industry research and business repositioning


Rebranding and Repositioning of the business

The business was already in the market doing well, but it needed a 360 degree positioning for the new and high end targeted audience. This required a lot of research in the luxury lifestyle industry to be able to recreate the whole ticketing experience for a high end customer.


The foremost challenge for this project was to display the right information to the user in a subtle way without overselling them. We built around a way for users to get to view the event details easily and then enquire or purchase tickets in one click. Integration of auto emailing functionality was built to create the whole customer service environment.

Development challenges

Industry research and knowledge of events was required while creating the application flows. Integration of an efficient SMS gateway and email service was built to cater to the requirement of bulk notifications. Website speed and performance maintenance was a challenge because of high image quality and size and multiple third party integrations.

web and mobile application development

Solution and Execution

Dedicated team

A dedicated team set-up and resource allocation is planned from past 4 years on ongoing basis. We provide monthly SEO services to maintain the site search engine rankings. We have also developed iPhone and iPad application for the VIP concierge.

Custom Calendar and Browser compatibility

We built a custom built event calendar and added email impersonation along with a VIP box office third party URL that picks all events automatically. Browser compatibility and mobile compatibility was completed on the application.

Web and Mobile Application Development

We suggested apt solutions for the requirement like suitable third party Integrations that included SMS gateway, Payment Gateway, call back option, Live Chat, Social networking. The application was built using customized .NET solutions. With the growing business, the need for a mobile application was immediate. Our team finalized the strategy and developed an iPhone and iPad application.

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