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A SaaS based project management platform built in .NET to help top level management calculate project profitability and future process flow

Key results from using NMG

recurring client


Our client is happy with the execution of initial idea he brought to us and continues to use our services

acknowledged by industry leaders

Highly Acknowledged
by Industry Leaders

The platform has received great positive feedback for its MVP launch

increased registrations

1000 Prospects

More than 1000 user registrations have been done on the platform showcasing a promising future


Who is Smartsight?

Our client is a consultant belonging to a similar industry who conceived of a platform for top management to calculate and analyze project profitability. The client needed to build a SaaS application where companies purchased accounts to use the software online. The project began as a concept when the client approached us to build the web application and an iPhone app.

custom discovery process for application development


Complex Processes

Due to the complexity of the process flow maintaining user experience across the site provided a challenge. Since this was a one of a kind application special coding needed to be done for functions the reporting API did not support. A third party reporting tool would be integrated into the application. We also needed to create a custom definition and discovery of the process flow mechanism for the web application.

User interface and payment gateway

This application turned into an evolving project with changes in functionality after the initial understanding of the concept. A payment gateway was needed that could process payment transactions for businesses outside of the country. Graphical representations of reporting features would become a challenge. Reporting features added complexity to the mobile device compatibility.

scalable modules

Solution and Execution

Project Discovery and Design

A proper discovery phase was given to define the process flow. Designs and custom development for the online platform was done using the .NET MVC framework. Resource allocation was dedicated to the project with timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, and a testing analyst.

Implementation Process

We developed an SEO friendly website on an AWS server with EC2 for project scalability. The website was done with future scalability and future addition of modules. Third party integration for the graphical reports, a payment gateway using Paypal for a successful out of country payment transaction, and ‘Fusion Chart’ was used for graphical representation of reports.

Browser Compatibility and Maintenance

Testing of browsers for smartphones and iPhone application was completed. Maintenance of the whole project is an ongoing item for our client.

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