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How we built a Magento based ecommerce store for selling drinkware to the hotel and bar industry with unique business case

Key results from using NMG

Happy client

Happy & Satisfied

The Client continues to be very happy with the successful execution of their vision and ideas.

increased web and mobile traffic

2X Increase in

Increased web and mobile traffic in the first 2 years after the launch

increased revenue

250% Increase in

More than 10,000 products increasing revenue by 250%.


Who is Barluxe?

Our client wanted a website built to showcase their exclusive collection of ultra durable and virtually unbreakable drinkware. The client came with a list of requirements that specified that buyers could add to cart multiple items from a single collection at the same time. Our client needed a team that understood the clients needs and could work with similar vision

custom magento solution


User Experience

We were not given much in the way of what the user interface and experience needed to look like creating a design challenge for us. The version of Magento used did not offer a feature for the multiple items from the same collection in the cart so we would have to customize the Magento cart providing the experience required by the client.

Custom Solutions

The Magento version used also had a coupon code management bug that would deactivate the coupon system. In knowing this we needed to find a way to solve the problem by providing a custom solution to fix it.

Client Updates

Out client was a non-technical client who needed us to explain the challenges and how we would bring the website vision to life.

scalable solution

Solution and Execution

Dedicated Resources Allocated

A dedicated team was set up to provide timely reporting by an account manager, project manager, senior designer, HTML developer, senior developer, and a testing analyst. Research, analysis and implementation of a suitable third party payment gateway and shipping module was done as part of the design process.

Feature Implementation

We developed the solution and design using Magento creating an XHTML validated, and CSS managed, DIV based design for the website which allowed for cross browser functionality. A separate mobile store was created for mobile device compatibility.

Scalability and Maintenance

The website design and development was done keeping in mind future scalability and the addition of further modules. We envisioned the website to have a good mix of high performance and visual appeal. The website was built with an SEO compliant structure for better visibility over major search engines. We are currently in an ongoing maintenance contract with the client.

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