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Why WordPress Is The Perfect Solution For Your Small Business

Since the time Wordpress was first launched, it has been one of the most preferred tools for content management system globally. even when there are many other choices a business can choose from but the ultimate choice would be WordPress.

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Since the time WordPress was first launched, it has been one of the most preferred tools for content management system globally. even when there are many other choices a business can choose from but the ultimate choice would be WordPress.

It is used by more than 80 million websites across the globe that publish new posts every second.

It doesn’t matter what size your content, the ease of access to WordPress is second to none, which is why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.

This widely used CMS has become an obvious choice among businesses because of how powerful the tool is.

But WordPress Is not just about CMS, it is also used for creating some amazing custom WordPress web applications.

WordPress website design is as popular as any other platforms in web development.

If you are a newbie, I can understand the dilemma you are in, to choose a perfect platform for your website. And I strongly recommend you to give it a try on WordPress.

But before that, you need to know the answers to a couple of questions.

  • Why small businesses need a website?
  • Why is WordPress best CMS for small business websites?

Let’s get started then.

Why small businesses need a website?

Let’s say a person wants to go to a restaurant but he is a new place, what would he do?

Probably go to the browser or ask SIRI or Your Google assistant to search for him. Fortunately, he is around your restaurant, but the app he is searching on might not suggest your restaurant.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Which is why you need to be online. And the best way to promote your business and make it large or actually visible is not by putting up LED at the front but to get yourself a website.

Because launching a website has become equally important as launching any business these days.
I’ve seen a lot of businesses building a website before they even start their business, which helps them in marketing and gives their business a kickstart.

Research has shown that people nowadays go online before they actually visit a store or a restaurant or any other business place before they make a purchase. Which makes it really important for any kind of business to have a website and let everyone know about your business and services.

But it is important to have a really good web design, it gives you a higher chance of having an online presence.

Now that you know why a website is important, it’s time to know…

Why is WordPress best CMS for small business websites?

There are literally tons of software and tools with which your website could be made and maintained.

But why do you have to pick WordPress?

Because it is the most trusted and popular content management system, there’s no doubt on that.

According to the stats and requirements, we receive 60-70% of our clients ask for WordPress and 60% of the websites online are built in WordPress.

It first started as a blogging platform initially, but, now it has evolved into the largest and most versatile content management system which allows you to create a fully functional website and mobile applications. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

WordPress offers perfect solutions to all kinds of business types and also sizes, which is why custom WordPress development is really popular.

There are literally tons of reason you could choose WordPress website design over any other web development platform. However, we have compiled some of the top and important reasons

why you should use WordPress to run your small business website.

Reasons to choose WordPress web design over others.

It’s Free

Whether you’re a small-time web developer or just launching a new online business, the fact that WordPress is free does bring a difference.

It is an open source software, where you never have to worry about the extra or hidden charges.

Most of the software is free for trial or only a few options are available as a part of the promotion.

You could also improve and alter the source code to create the right site for your needs.

WordPress is really powerful and Flexible.

WordPress is ready to use immediately after installing, unlike other content management systems which need a bit of support of other software to function.

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Do you know what this means?

You don’t have to look for additional add-ons or plug-ins to get basic features like comments, RSS feeds, revisions, etc.

WordPress is also really flexible with loads to offer, and nobody can do it better than WordPress.

From a simple blog to an e-commerce website, WordPress is versatile enough to meet all kinds of requirements and needs through its extensive features and extensions.

SEO Friendly
A website without an SEO is similar to having no website at all.

Every business owner builds a website for their business, keeping SEO in mind.

In the current competitive world of online marketing, if you don’t have a good online presence of your business then, you are losing many business opportunities.

SEO is that Knight, which improves your online presence by defeating your competitors. And WordPress is highly optimized for search engines: It is exceptional to SEO.

WordPress has a really clean, consistent and streamlined code which is easier for Google spiders to index.

It’s logical architecture, responsive design and the setup option to customize each post and page with its own meta tags make it even more preferable to Google.

If you are someone who has absolutely no idea how meta tags work, then you can take help of any plugin available.

It’s much easier to work on SEO in WordPress which drives a lot of traffic on to your website.

It is Safe and Secure

I’ve already mentioned that WordPress is an Open-Source. Which means everyone has access to the code.

Which means a WordPress website can easily be a target for hackers and intruders.

There are a lot of debates on this topic online whether WordPress is actually safe or not.

However, the truth is, WordPress is just like any other CMS that takes ongoing work continuously to keep it as secure as possible.

The internet can be a very uncertain place, it’s not just WordPress, no website is 100% secure.

But WordPress has a large team of security who are working constantly to make the website more secure than before.

A number of WordPress, theme, and plugin updates with improved features are released every now and then which keeps your website constantly up-to-date of the latest safeguards against vulnerabilities.

Another amazing thing about WordPress is it updates itself automatically, including its security features.

So, you need not have to bother about updating it.

WordPress is a Treasure of Themes and Plugins

There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins available on the internet, which makes it the ultimate choice.

Custom WordPress design has taken the web designing on to a whole new level. You can start off with one look at the website and literally make it into a new one every day (Don’t do that though).

You can simply select the theme that best suits your business concept and gives your business website a professional look.

WordPress has themes for every kind of business out there, from a portfolio theme to a corporate business theme to a magazine theme or an e-commerce theme, WordPress has a lot to offer.

You name it you get it.

If you wish to add more functionality to your WordPress site, you can take the help of Plug-ins.

Just like themes, there are thousands of free and premium WordPress Plugins available which are really easy to install and use.

These Plug-ins, not only help you add extra functionality to your site, but they also add a whole new platform to your site.

Both Themes and plugins in WordPress come with their own individual options so that you can customize them without even having a coding background which actually makes you a WordPress Developer.

Media Hosting

If you really don’t know, content is not limited to text, content also means images and videos.
A text content might make your website not so exciting or interactive, a great way to make your website more engaging and lively is to include other media such as images, videos, audio files, animations, etc.

And WordPress offers you such platform which comes with everything inbuilt, which helps you handle multiple media types.

WordPress supports images that include a variety of formats such as

  •  .jpg
  • .jpeg
  •  .png
  •  .gif and much more

WordPress supports audio formats such as

  • Mp3
  • ·m4a
  • .ogg
  • And .wav

WordPress supports video formats such as

  •  .mp4
  •  .m4v
  •  .mov
  •  .avi
  • .WMV
  • .ogv
  •  .mpeg
  •  .3gp
  •  And .3g2

There is no other platform which supports the vast range of formats as wordpress supports.

WordPress supports multiple users

The capability of handling multiple users at a time is not an easy task, which WordPress pulls off quite easily.
Which is why most of the big companies with marketing departments choose WordPress over any other platform, as the option provided by WordPress is far more superior.

They can give editing or read-only access to others, which allows the site owners to decrease the risk of a blunder and the responsibility by enlisting other to take over some of the publishing responsibilities.

When you are giving access to others, you need not have to hand over control of your entire site.
Wordpress offers you access to four main author roles which include

  •  Administrator
  •  Editor
  •  Author
  • And contributor

An administrator’s role is the most powerful role which has access to all functions of a site, including publishing content and managing users.

Whereas, an editor has access to publish and edit their own content as well as other users posts.
An author has only access to publishing and managing their own posts whereas a contributor is only capable of creating and managing their own posts whereas a contributor is only capable of creating and managing their posts.

But a contributor cannot publish any posts, it is the responsibility of an editor or the administrator to review and publish them.

The WordPress community

I’m sure you already know how good is WordPress by now, its popularity in content management and also is an open source software, where anyone can access the code has made millions of active users come together forming a huge community.

There is a large team of developers and a large number of WordPress communities and discussion forums be it Quora or Reddit.

The Online support system of WordPress is amazing; you can find solutions to any of your issues or queries easily.

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Most of the issues of WordPress have already been discussed in the community. Where you don’t really have to contact the support.

There are any numbers of resources which can help you to learn WordPress quickly.

If you are a beginner then, your first stop should be the documentation, where you can find information on everything from installation to plugin and theme development.

E-commerce solutions

If you’re already using WordPress for your business, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of e-commerce solutions that will convert your site into an all-out digital store.

You could use plug-ins such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp where you could start your own e-commerce website.

You’re not committed to one hosting provider

If you are thinking to switch to a new provider or host, or either because they are not able to handle the traffic of your just not happy with them, you can do it without experiencing much downtown.

This is because WordPress works with pretty much every server.
If you need to make the switch, I would recommend you to switch to the free WordPress hosting options.

WordPress Keeps getting better

There is no denying that WordPress has come a long way and it keeps getting better and better.

Since the days of its development as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved a lot.
And, Yes, only to get better.

The popularity of WordPress has never fallen down since the time of its evolutions, rather its popularity is more than ever and I’m sure it will be the same for many years to come.

How can I say that?

It’s the millions of active users and a huge community which is in support, who are working relentlessly together to make WordPress a better platform than it was yesterday.

Which gave the result of all the amazing features and updates, coming in now and then.

Because of the relentless work of the WordPress developers, a WordPress website will never go out of trend.

But hey! There are different types of WordPress too. and

Which one should you choose for your business?

So both and are great for your business but they have different functionalities.

Which makes them have their own advantages and also disadvantages that you should take into account before choosing one for your business.

Let’s do this one at a time.

Starting with Self-hosted “”

It is easy to use, it lets your custom your chosen theme and modifies files. It enables you to be in control of your own data and use plug-ins as you are fully responsible for your backups, but it also offers you a possibility to earn money by launching your own ads.

It provides you with custom analytics and tracking options which is a fantastic tool for self-reflection and improvements.

But for self-hosted WordPress, you will need a proper web hosting.

This version is free but it’s only up to 3GB of space.

So, all your space which exceeds 3gb will be additionally charged, which is why I recommend self-hosted WordPress.

On top of that, there are other concerns that go along with a free website. For example, your free WordPress will be swamped with ads that you won’t be able to remove. If you would like to get rid of them, you need to pay.

But if you would want to launch your own ads, you’re not allowed unless you have 25K page views per month.

Wait! We are not done yet, features such as plug-ins or custom themes are not available, not to mention restricted analytics, the possibility of having your website removed or deleted and the unavoidable “Powered by” sign which follows you around like a shadow – letting everybody know you are broke.

So, Yes, if you ask me, I would recommend you to choose and download a WordPress installation from

Regardless of small investments, you would still need to include, the self-hosted WordPress which lets you have the full control over your website, layout, SEO, ad posting and many such features.


WordPress is a great platform to be online for your small business, I have personally seen many bloggers and small businesses having a messy start and then changing to WordPress made them realize how powerful a website can be.

If you ask me, I recommend the same for you too, but before you do that do a proper research on WordPress and what type of WordPress would suit your business needs. If you think you still cannot decide to consult a WordPress development company.

NMG could help you build amazing WordPress websites. They provide future-proof solutions for your business needs. Take a look at their portfolio. And don’t forget to contact them if you’re impressed.

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