Top Web Building Tools and Platforms

Top Web Building Tools and Platforms

If you are looking forward to getting your own web application for your business, don’t just pony up the cash and go to a web developer. Before you do that, you need to know all about web development so that your investment is best used. I know you’ve already looked up online for some web

ADA Compliance Checklist – Is Your Website Compatible?

If you’re someone who has no Idea about the ADA compliance, ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and it’s a set of regulations which would help physically limited users. Well for a lot of us, while accessing the website is second nature. But for people with some physical limitations, it is indeed challenging in

node.js for Web Applications

It’s a known fact that JavaScript’s contribution to web application development is immense, and node.js has been a part of the major revolution. Since the time of its introduction JavaScript has always been a popular choice and it has surely brought a lot of changes, and the face of web development today is so much

Build Faster Web Applications with AngularJs

  What is an AngularJS? Angular JS is a JavaScript web application framework originally created by Google, who is actively supporting its development. The Main Idea of angular is to combine well-known components, designs, patterns, and development practices in one framework to address challenges encountered in developing a single Page application. I would prefer to

DIY Quality Assurance Checklist for Web Application Testing

Quality assurance is as important to a website as the development to ensure that the website does not fail in any part of the functionality when it is given to the users. A website that fails when users use it will cost a great deal to businesses and the worst part is that the users

Need a Quality Web Development Company? Choose NMG—We’re Clutch Approved!

At NMG Technologies, we enjoy bringing our clients the only best digital services. From web and mobile development, to cloud and online marketing solutions, NMG is known for its top-notch customer support. With well over 50 experts on our team, we have the skills and the resources to tackle even the most complex projects.  

Best Practices of Offshore Software Development

Offshore project development is quite different from executing projects in a local market for a customer who can come face to face for meetings or calls. It is very important to identify the challenges and risks of an offshore web development company and mitigate them properly. Few of those are listed below along with some

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