Top 50 KPIs and Metrics that Matter the Most for your Mobile App

Top 50 KPIs and Metrics that Matter the Most for your Mobile App

So you’ve built an app which came out to be stunning, both In design and also visually treating. But you know what, it could miserably fail if you don’t appreciate the Key Performance Indicators. You have obviously created an app hoping it would be widely accepted by the audience you have targeted and the app

Steps To Create Engaging Mobile App Content

In the recent past, we’ve been predicting that mobile usage will overtake desktop internet usage. The prediction is true and we are already there. Which also means there is immense competition to stand out of the crowd, Mobile app development companies are working hard to rank high in the app store. Ranking high is the

80% of Mobile Apps Do Not Survive More Than A Year – Avoid Mobile App Fail

Is it fair to still consider web or mobile app development as a growing industry? In my opinion, we are already there, we are at the peak of mobile and web app development, where 9/10 people use a smartphone and internet on daily basis, actually, 10/10 in most cases and apps are part of every

Top Frameworks for Hybrid App Development

The word “Hybrid” reminds us that it can be a part of two different worlds, doing better of both worlds in most cases. It’s the same with the mobile app development. A hybrid app is nothing but a mobile app which could be installed on different platforms, it does not belong to a single platform

Importance of Effective UI/UX in Mobile App Development

About a decade ago, not many of us thought the terms UX and UI would play a vital role in mobile app development. Wait are you one of those that use these terms interchangeably and sometimes think they both refer the same thing. It is a crime according to designing! Let me explain it to

Role Of Wireframes In Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a complicated process, having a mobile app for your business is a great investment and you might also come-up with an idea of what your mobile app should do. However, where and how to start-off is a big task. Even for people who are investing in a second or third app.

Want to build an app like Uber? Read more for exact estimations.

Uber has taken over the world by storm, it created a new genre of apps in mobile app development which is the taxi apps.  There’s a huge growth in demand for mobile apps like Uber, mostly uber like applications with minor changes here and there.  Some even try to apply the uber like business strategy

Augmented Reality for Business Apps

Augmented Reality You must have heard a lot of people talking about it. Especially big companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Apple launching new features around it. But what does it mean for you? How can you use it to create an impact in your business? Let’s first start by understanding the concept of AR (short

NMG Recognized as a Top Performing Mobile App Development Company by GoodFirms

NMG – Top Mobile App Development Company by Goodfirms In today’s time, mobile apps are no longer for only big brands. It has also been adapted by the small business owners to beef up in their industry. That’s why there is a massive competition and number of mobile app development companies all over worldwide.  In